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Happiness U is a first-of-its-kind educational establishment and community hub in Honolulu that offers an inspirational place where you can learn things about life and happiness that you were never taught in school.
We have the perfect program for you if you are ready to take your life to a new level and make a commitment to yourself. When you become a member, you engage with Happiness U in a deeper and more committed way, and in turn, we provide the resources and tools to help you to achieve your personal goals.  cont.
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We have classes for pretty much everything you can think of when it comes to personal growth, inspiration, balance, expanding awareness and consciousness, happiness and seeing your life and your challenges from a new perspective. Our classes offer the tools that can assist you in many ways. Learn more about our classes here.
Since Happiness U is a one-of-a-kind place, we get a lot of questions! Here are the answers to those we have been asked most frequently. If you don’t see what you’d like to know, please write us at info@yourhappinessu.com  cont.
  Our Teachers
All of the teachers at Happiness U are carefully chosen, embodying the same principles and values that they teach. They not only have an uplifting presence and feel they live a happy life, but also, most importantly, love to share information with others.  cont.
  Our Location
Happiness U is located in Honolulu, Hawaii, a few minutes from downtown Honolulu in Nā Lama Kukui, formerly the Gentry Pacific Design Center. Nā Lama Kukui is on Nimitz Highway (between KMart & City Mill) and offers free guest parking. cont.

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Corporate Programs
All of our corporate programs are designed to help organizations from the top down develop, sustain and positively gain from a more positive mindset.  cont.
  Private Sessions
Happiness U offers private life guidance if you feel you want more than group classes and are dedicated to making a greater commitment towards your happiness and personal growth.
  Contact Us
Address: Nā Lama Kukui
560 N. Nimitz Hwy., Suite 117A
Honolulu, HI, 96817
Phone: (808) 436-6444
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Coming Up at Happiness U
NOVEMBER SPECIAL: Pay the guest fee any 101 class and get a gift certificate for a future 101 class of your choice!

Our Guest Speaker Presentations are open to guests (non-members). Please be our guest, bring a friend, and join us for some inspiration at Happiness U!

Train Your Eyes to See Better!
  Did you know there are simple vision training eye exercises that you can do to help you see better and more clearly? Vision training is nothing new and it is even stated by the American Optometric Association as an effective treatment for vision dysfunction! So why don't we hear about it? Because of the fact that there is big money in selling glasses, contacts, eye exams and everything that goes along with it. Join Alice as she shares from her own experience how she used natural vision correction exercises to rebuild her vision and in one month was able to stop using her reading glasses! During the presentation you will learn about your eyes, why they deteriorate over time, and practice a handful of eye exercises that you can use at home!
  NOTE: Alice is not an eye professional, nor is she endorsing any vision training companies. She will simply share what she found, and what has worked for her.
  Friday, October 24th, 7:00pm      •Register here   

NOTE: All classes require pre-registration by 12pm on the day of the class on weekdays, and 9am on the day of the class on weekends. For those planning on coming as a walk-in, please contact us at smile@yourhappinessu.com first, to assure there is space, and/or if there are any changes to the class.
Mindfulness Meditation Series
  Very often in our daily life, we become so used to the appearance of objects that we frequently stop really seeing them. Mindfulness is the ability to bring back the awareness of what is happening inside and around us. It is a system of mind training and self-exploration. By improving our concentration, one can:
  -Achieve physical relaxation
  -Have more control over thought processes
  -Increase tranquility and the ability to deal with stress
  -Heal, physically and psychologically
  -Have enhanced spiritual development        •Register here
  Mondays: November 3, 10, 17, 24
                    January 5,12, 19, 26

Infinite Body Wisdom
  A series of five workshops based on Dr. Chad Sato's newly released book, Infinite Body Wisdom, designed to help you gain self-mastery and learn specific strategies in order to better connect to and trust your body's signals. Learn to navigate your life with greater ease so you can transform old patterns into vibrant new ones that better align with your authentic self. CLICK HERE for more information.    •Register here 
  Onion: Sunday, November 2nd, 4:30pm
  Peach: Sunday, November 16th, 4:30pm
  Watermelon: Saturday, November 29th, 3:30pm


mindSHIFT 360
  Rodney will be discussing how the mind really operates, and how to gain control of our reprogramming. This class is designed to assist us to break through our mental limitations that we impose upon ourselves.
  Saturday, November 1st, 1:30pm      •Register here   

Double Your Productivity in 7 Days or Less
  Ever feel stressed and overwhelmed by everything on your plate (especially with the holidays coming)? Don't know how you're going to get it all done? What if I told you it was possible to have fun and get everything important done? It is, and it feels, GLORIOUS. Let me show you how. You know you want to.
  Tuesday, November 4th, 6pm      •Register here   

Everything Happens for a Reason: 10 Reasons to Explain the Challenging Events in Your Life
  We have all heard the phrase “everything happens for a reason.” Is it actually true? If so, what is the reason for why things happen, especially challenges, or seemingly unjust situations? Anytime we have undesirable situations in our lives, we have a greater chance of finding peace and understanding if we can find the significance of the event. Come discover what could be the reason(s) for confusing or unfortunate moments in your life, and celebrate the gifts, lessons or opportunities they have brought. We will work on both past and present events in your life.
  Wednesday, November 5th, 6pm      •Register here   

A Night of Inspiration
  Join us as we take the time to look for, affirm and consequently see more synchronicities in your life. When we look for how the divine order of the Universe shows up in our lives in the past, we more easily see it in the present opening up a place in our hearts that allowing us to trust life to a greater degree. Everything that happens in our lives specific to a fraction of a second occurs by divine timing. The more you can see this, the more faith you are able to have in your life and the more understanding you have in how it unfolds. Let's lift the blinds we have to the synchronicities that abound in our lives every moment, and find peace in the knowing that all is perfect beyond what you ever knew!
  Wednesday, November 5th, 7:30pm      •Register here   

Feng Shui Your Inbox & Eliminate Email Clutter
  Is your email inbox out of control? Feel like pulling out your hair? Find out how to take charge and liberate yourself from your inbox with Laine Kohama, who has 20+ years of experience to guide you to inbox bliss.
  Saturday, November 8th, 1:30pm     •Register here 
  Saturday, January 17th, 1:00pm     •Register here 


Optimize Your Life: Tips & Tools to Maximize Your Time
  Do you ever feel like there is just not enough time to do everything that you want to, and "have to" do? Does your life feel like a never-ending blur of to-do lists, emails, events, commitments, and obligations? Do you ever worry that time is racing by so quickly that you are missing out on quality time with your friends, family, and yourself?
  If so, you're certainly not alone. In this day and age, most of us are familiar with that frazzled feeling of being overworked and overwhelmed. We are busier than ever and yet we find ourselves struggling to find the time to do the things that will help move us to our bigger goals, dreams, and life vision. We tell ourselves that we will start pursuing our dreams "when life settles down", but that day never seems to come. It's time for a shift!
  Saturday, November 8th, 3:00pm     •Register here
  Sunday, December 7th, 1:30pm    •Register here

Getting Over a Betrayal
  Are you having trouble "letting something go"? Did someone "do something to you" that you'd like to move forward from? This class will focus on looking at the situation from a different perspective and help you to begin to see a new reality of what happened. Come with an open mind and see how this situation could be getting you to be more aware in some way. Challenging situations always bring a gift of a new perspective. The sooner you can see it and get the lesson, the less of a charge there will be, and the sooner you can move forward and use your energy for more productive things in your life.
  Tuesday, November 11th, 7:30pm      •Register here   


What is Intelligence?
  Our intelligence is vital and important! We use it to solve problems about ourselves and others, and our intelligence helps us decide who to spend time with, who to work with, and who to ask for help. More than ever, our lives depend on our intelligence, even in the midst of the greatest technological advancement of our times. By understanding our limits and strengths, we can vastly improve our lives. By understanding more deeply the nature of being human, we can guide our journey of life towards more peace and function at higher levels. Join Dalybeth Kadala as she shares insights that will help us more deeply understand ourselves in the area of intelligence testing and theories, Emotional Intelligence, factors that affect our intelligence, and artificial intelligence. Intelligence affects our work performance, physical health (stress levels), mental health, relationships and more. You will learn how your intelligence impacts the dynamics of your life and can use it to better understand yourself and others.
  Thursday, November 13th, 6pm     •Register here 

Astrology Update: Saturn Moves into Sagittarius!
  What does this mean for you? The focus for greatest success, is to look at your priorities so you are ready in December to optimize your opportunities. The things you thought were important are up for review this month, and that means that changes are coming. As "master of restructuring" Saturn moves into Sagittarius late December, we need to be ready to MOVE! Come find out where and how Saturn is affecting you, and let's create an affirmation that will help you prepave a path to where you want to go. 2015 is just around the corner! Let's be ready! (Please provide your birth information (birth time, birthday, birth location) for greater value from this class, at least 24 hours in advance. If you know we have your chart, let us know you are coming so we can prepare it!)
  Saturday, November 15th, 3:30pm      •Register here   

Break Up with Your Belongings
  We've all been in relationships that came to a point when we knew it was healthy and best to "move on" from and "let go" of them -- this is also true of belongings. Yet many of us find it hard to let go of things even when we know we want to...this is due to emotional attachments formed with objects. This class will help you get clarity on why you are holding on to certain things, as well as help you clarify what to keep, what to donate, what to give away when looking to clear your life of clutter (emotionally and physically).
  Sunday, November 16th, 1:30pm      •Register here   

Goals, Goals, Goals
  2015 is less than a month and a half away! Come and spend some time organizing your life and taking some time to see what you want! It's a great time to set goals that are in alignment with your values in all areas of your life: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Financial, Spiritual, Vocational, Familial, etc. Get clear on what you want so you can spend December getting rid of that which is not serving you to move forward. Alice will lead you through a simple process to state what you want!
  Tuesday, November 18th, 7:30pm      •Register here   

Looks Do Count, BUT...
  Just as with any relationship, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, BUT there are so many other important things to consider. Are you and your dog(s) on a similar wavelength... OR, does it seem like you are constantly knocking heads? Are up or a friend considering a new dog now or in the future?
  Learn how to make a calculated choice to maximize a mutually fulfilling long life together. In addition, when seeking out a rescue dog, learn how to develop your skills on how to make a more compatible choice.
  Saturday, November 22nd, 5pm      •Register here   

How to Raise Children with a Positive Mindset
  Raising children in a world where there seems to be more and more negativity, and increased challenges for everyone, it is necessary, more than ever, to teach them how to have a positive mindset for maximum success in life. How can you, as a parent, speak in ways that foster this, and how can you as a family weave “positive mindset” into the fabric of your family culture? In this class, Alice will take proven positive mindset principles and teach you how to use language that will help them balance out their challenges and move towards success in life. You will learn exercises, dialogues, and concepts you can use with your child or children, (any age, really) to help them to see life in a new way. Plant the seeds now. It's never too late. Imagine if your parents did this for you, where you would be today?
  Sunday, November 30th, 2pm      •Register here   
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February 7-8, 2015
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 2014 Forecast

Almost two hours of information on the planetary cycles of 2014 and how to best navigate this year. This video covers the collective planetary cycles of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto as well as Chiron and the Cardinal Grand Cross coming up in the spring. Lots of inspiration and useful advice for you to be at ease about 2014 and beyond.

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