Do you remember those old sayings that seemed to be everywhere years ago that started with “Happiness is…”? You would see them on greeting cards, T-shirts or on posters and everyone had their own favorite? Many times they were simple, and about everyday joys and uplifting moments, such as “Happiness is…hot towels out of the dryer” or “Happiness is…watching the sunrise with your best friend” or “Happiness is…getting a hug after a long hard day” or “Happiness is…your first kiss.”

Lately I’ve noticed that although life’s joyful moments do lift us up they do not sustain us if we are not balanced within, and many are searching for something deeper. Life these days can seem to be more difficult than ever and we have to work harder to stay balanced.

What does happiness mean to you today, in the present moment of 2013?  How are you feeling about your life, and about yourself?

Is it . . .
• feeling that your life has purpose?
• knowing that you are on the right path?
• living your life authentically?
• expressing your love freely?
• loving yourself for who you are?
• being loved for who you are?
• seeing the ups when life gives you downs?
• being able to trust in the bigger picture of your life?

I’ve found that everyone has their own meaning when it comes to what happiness means for them. I’ve also found that no matter where you are in your life in terms of happiness, balance and inner-peace, there are steps that can be taken to reach higher levels of gratitude, hope, optimism, resilience and meaning! The first step is knowing what is important to you.

What do you want? What is it that will make your happy? I have no doubt you can get there. My vision for this blog is to offer insights and guidance for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our lives so you can rise above any circumstance that you are challenged by! I believe happiness is not a perfect image of what you have in your head, or a future destination you will someday reach, but rather a deep sense of satisfaction and well being that you are able to cultivate and experience no matter where you are in your life — right now.

I can hardly wait to help you cultivate your happiness from the inside out!

Yours in happiness,



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