Usually autumn is about endings, yet astrologically, this year’s fall season sets the stage for new beginnings if you are open to trusting yourself and your ability to let go of the old, and create positive and inspired change in your life.

You have heard me talking about the challenging “T-Square” pattern in the sky that has been active all summer, causing many of us to feel like we are being stretched to our limits in many ways. As challenging as it may have been (and likely still is), and, as busy or as “crazy” it is, hopefully you can start to see how it is serving a greater picture. Can you see how your perspective of “what is truly important” has changed, or at the very least, can you see the beginnings of a shift in perspective?  If not, start looking for the hidden benefits your challenge is providing you.  By doing so, you will create greater ease during this period.

This is a time of reviewing  what we think is important (consciously or unconsciously) and asking ourselves if we are ready to let go of things that are not as important as we once thought them to be – almost forcing ourselves to be more authentic to who we are today and get present with ourselves.

For example have you:

  • “Surrendered” in some area of your life? In other words, where you used to be picky, you now realize it’s no big deal, where you used to do “everything” you now do what really matters, where you used to say “yes,” now you say “no,” realizing that you can’t please everyone.
  • Been pushed to your “limits”?  Have you felt that your patience, your energy, your abilities or something else has been challenged to the hilt, yet you managed to get thru it – whether by the unexpected support that has come out of the woodwork, or by your sheer determination?
  • Seen new possibilities emerge yet?  Where you thought you were stuck, are new avenues of possibilities beginning to show themselves?  Are you “feeling” like there is hope though you are not clear as to how it will happen?

The key is to recognize that whatever is going on in your life right now, wanted or unwanted, is there to serve you and show you a new way, or a new avenue for yourself to experience.

If you are feeling overly challenged, with nothing positive to say about what is going on, the first step is to find something specific, that is working for you, that you are getting from your situation.  It wont change what is happening, but it will help to balance out your perception so that you see the benefit your situation is bringing you.  Obstacles and challenges are in our life to help us grow. It’s not easy to see it this way, I know, but it they do serve a purpose.

No matter what though, do your best to trust life, where you are, and all that is happening.  We are only here on earth for a limited time.  Ask yourself what is really important to you. Listen to your heart and that inner voice, and most importantly, take the time to see where you are doing a great job, and where things are going great.

Mark your calendars for Mercury Retrograde coming up from October 21-November 10.  More on this coming Mercury Retrograde soon!


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