tarot card 04February 13th

Half the day is over! How are you using today? What you do every day is important because you are exchanging your life for it! When tomorrow arrives, today will be gone forever. Be present, enjoy the day, create something awesome, share your love, open your heart and look and affirm any and all sychronicities that you experience as a “message” that you are on the right path. Let the essence of the moment seed something awesome for yourself!

Judgment101-1February 14th

Today, many of us will look for ways to share love. If you don’t have a valentine, and even if you do…today, and every day, remember to take the time to affirm the awesome things about yourself! The more you appreciate, love and accept yourself for exactly who you are, the more powerful the love you have to give. The magic happens when you feel the magnitude of that love come back to you. Let the love you feel around you be a reminder of the love you have within you. What we see and experience is always a reflection of who we think we are.

Screen shot 2014-03-01 at 11.47.55 PMFebruary 20th

How have you been navigating this crazy Mercury Retrograde? Any miscommunications? Equipment, car or electronic mishaps? Internal confusion as to what to do? Mistaken perceptions? Rethinking things? Well, hang in there for another week or so…the end date is the 28th. Not everyone experiences it as a challenge, however, if you are, the best way to navigate it is to not hate it for what it’s “doing” to your life to mess things up, but receive it as a sign that you need to take a deep breath, slow down and look around. Even the frustrating things that shake us out of our flow can be gifts – but only if we choose to see the secondary gains! Remember – EVERY challenge has a hidden benefit! If you stay in frustration and blame, and don’t take the time to look for it, you will lose out!

GirlGiftFebruary 21st

When is the last time you said, “How are you?” to someone and cared about what they said? I want to challenge you value someone today by showing a heart-felt interest in what they say. It won’t take much more of your time, just a bit more awareness. We are all so “crazy-busy” these days that we can get caught up with ourselves, and forget to take that moment to be present with others. What happens when you do this? Not only do you show someone they have a value and bring a smile to their heart, you increase your value to others. This in turn sets up awesome synchonicities in your life where things of value move their way more rapidly to you! Use the Law of Attraction to help yourself and others at the same time! A win-win!

tarot card 09February 25th

We are just a few days away from Mercury Retrograde ending on Friday. As this three week period comes to a close it’s easy to remember what went “wrong” and what got messed up, but remember to also affirm what also has gone right. Where were you successful, where were you productive, where were you heard, where did you make a difference? Take this opportunity to end on a balanced note. Only when you recognize and find meaning in both the positive and negatives in your life can true gratitude emerge and find its place in your heart.

tarot card 02aFebruary 27th

Have any of you noticed the “extremes” of life showing up more than ever? On one hand experiencing some amazing joys, and on the other hand having to navigate unprecedented complexities and challenges? If so, keep trusting in the bigger picture and remind yourself often, that all is in divine order. Astrologically, we are moving into the “Cardinal Grand Cross,” a pattern of tension in the sky that can show up as situations in our lives where change is needed. Why now? It’s time for us to find our truth, bring forth our power, and set our sights on new horizons. It’s time to fully embrace the present so we may enter a new moment in our lives and be bolder than we have ever dared. Let us find meaning in our challenges so they serve as fuel for our own inspiration. Let us rise each day and pursue life with a renewed focus. Remember, you create your future every moment of every day. Break the boundaries of all you have ever known and believed. Feel your pains deeply all while embracing your challenges fully, and just as day follows night, your life will soon take new flight as a greater and even more meaningful purpose emerges.


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