As an astrologer, I follow the cycles and the movement of the planets. It helps me to understand the bigger picture of life, so I can share this with others when things are challenging. With Pluto (the planet of transformation and rebirth) and Uranus (the planet of awakening and freedom) so active in our skies these days, many are facing unprecedented challenging situations. Of course everything that is happening is serving us at some level, but sometimes it’s hard to see the positive in the moment.

Here are a few things to say to yourself if you are going through “something:”

          1. “There are things in my life that ARE going right.” When things are especially challenging, it’s easy to screen out what’s good and only focus on the “bad.” Remind yourself where things are going right, and what you are gaining as a result of the challenge.
          2. “I am in control.” Even if the situation itself is “outside your control,” how you see it isn’t. Focus on your reaction, and what you can do versus what you can’t do. It will feel so much better to focus on where you do have control.
          3. “It’s okay to ask for help.” How many times do we say “I can handle this?” It always feels better when we can share what’s going on. Be open to receiving emotional support. Reach out.
          4. “I need to take care of myself.” The first thing we do when we encounter stressful situations, is put our health and well-being last. If this is you, now is the time to get rest, move around, and eat healthy. Do your best to take care of you.

Look back a few years and recall a big challenge you had, and where you are with it now. Remember, in a few years, whatever you are going through now will be over and you will have grown from it and be on to new and inspiring things in your life.

P.S. On another note, did you know that Mercury is in retrograde until July 1, 2014 (click HERE if you don’t know what that is). It officially started on June 7th but many experienced its effects the week before. It may mess up some of your well-laid plans, and wreak havoc on your communication and electronics, and all that, but keep the “take it easy mindset” and let things unfold as they need to. Don’t assume anything and make sure you communicate more clearly than ever during this time.



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