I think many people will agree with me when I say that things are changing – both within us and around us, AND in spite of what is expected, desired or wanted, many times not going exactly as planned. Or you may feel stuck in some way, waiting for change to happen. Either way, I’m finding it’s an uncomfortable time for many.

Real Genuine Change

Most of us say that we “like change” – however, the reality is that we like just enough change to keep things interesting. Most of us resist real change because there is a part of us that likes for things to be predictable. If it’s time for change in your life, you may be feeling the impact of the planets, both “positively” and “negatively” in the following three ways.


“Positively“: You have had unexpected opportunities come into your life and things that you have wanted to change for a long time are changing. Although a lot is happening and life is “crazy” you welcome these shifts.

“Negatively”: The change you have been experiencing is upsetting. You have lost your job, a source of income, a beloved pet, friend or family member suddenly or you are constantly on the edge of worry and have feelings of stress. You feel there is too much happening, and you are feeling anxious and it hard to find a sense of peace.

ADVICE: Constantly search for a new perspective on what is happening and have the intent to be more willing than ever to see things differently. Slow down, and know that in time things will sort out – and you will come out on top.


“Positively“: See it as a good sign that at least you are thinking about it and knowing that you want change. It has to start somewhere and will manifest externally when the time is right. Keep trusting that it will and be ready to take the initiative when the opportunity is there.

“Negatively”: You are going crazy and are uber-frustrated that nothing is happening. You want freedom from current limiting circumstances and because you can’t figure out how to make it happen soon you are short-tempered and irritable.

ADVICE: Consciously change what you can. Change your routine, your daily route, your habits and your patterns in order to experience your day differently. Order tea instead of coffee, wake up early instead of late, walk stairs instead of taking the elevator, stretch instead of jog, sleep early instead of late…in other words, consciously break-up routines and form new patterns. This will help you to create a new portals of possibilities for change to manifest.


“Positively“: You feel “awake” – you have a lot of ideas about how you want to change your life, and you get flashes of insight, experience synchronicities like never before. You have unexpected idea breakthroughs to old problems. You feel more intuitive than ever and your inspiration is on the rise.

“Negatively”: You feel worried, overwhelmed, and your thoughts and life feel scattered. You feel like you have to rush around but you don’t really know why. You have trouble sleeping and you don’t focus well. In one word, you feel “ungrounded.”

ADVICE: Consciously find things to do that will slow you down and ground you such as walking, yoga, stretch classes, meditation, gardening. Avoid electronic stimulation especially in the evenings. Schedule down time on your calendar. If you don’t schedule it you won’t do it, so schedule time for yourself where you focus only on one thing at a time. Avoid multi-tasking.


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