Ask yourself this question in regards to your life: “Who is my authority?” It’s a very powerful question to ponder. If you feel out of control, unhappy or “off track” in your life, it’s likely because you have allowed someone else’s opinion to matter more than yours in some area of your life.

When you make choices to avoid being judged by others, or based on the opinions of others, (society, culture, friends, parents or other “authorities,”), you surrender your power and the opportunity to author your own life.

Using a metaphor – when an author decides to write a book, it is because he or she is the authority on the topic of the book. The author decides what goes in the book, and how each chapter unfolds. If we don’t take “authorship” as we unfold our own lives, and instead, care more about looking for ways to fit in and please others rather than owning our own truth, our book of life can become an unhappy and ultimately frustrating story.

Begin today by seeing yourself as the ultimate “author”ity of your life, and let the voice in your heart be “the law” to follow. Stand in the power of who you are. Liberate yourself, claim your authority and write the story of your life. There is no better story to write.


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