Mars, “planet of action,” moved into Scorpio, “sign of the hidden” on July 25th, and will be there for about six weeks. During this time you can expect to have to deal with some deeper emotions, and get real with both with yourself and others.


Prior to this, it was in Libra, “sign of balance” for over seven months, alerting you to what is unbalanced in your life, or where things feel off kilter and need change. You may have felt “stuck” – wanting to be fair and weigh both sides, unable to move forward with confidence. Maybe you didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, let someone down, deal with an argument, or deal with an unpleasant reaction.


Well, now, in Scorpio, we go beyond keeping the peace, especially in areas that need more penetrating confrontation. It’s a time to look at the direct heart of your situation. This energy ushers us to go beyond just “settling,” so whatever has been simmering within, now has an opportunity to surge up and take on a life of its own. It’s about being “real” versus just being “nice.”


If there is a true need for change in your life, this is a portal of opportunity where it can happen. It is a time to release what is not helping you grow. In relationships, career, health and other areas of importance, you can’t pretend that everything is okay, and there is a need to express what you know to be true within.


Mars in Scorpio is an “all or nothing” energy, compelling you to bring things to completion, open your heart like never before, long for soulful intimacy and surrender to the unknown in a way that may surprise you. It’s a time to tune into your intuition and really “feel” what is going on, and do what you need to do for your Self.


  • Seeing in others, or experiencing in yourself unexpected reactive anger, rage, irritation, frustration (this means there is something deep that needs to be addressed where you are betraying yourself to please another).
  • Sensing there is a “war within” that you are battling and being able to make more progress than ever.
  • Ending relationships that are based on social obligation or that which just is too draining for you.
  • Feeling productive using the intensity of Scorpio in a very strategic way.
  • Breaking through to a new level of stability.


Look at what is really the issue deep within you. Look at the bigger picture and ask what is the highest good and best outcome, and how can you take one step towards that.

Don’t let the energy get knotted up within. Look for a release – – exercise, move your body, talk about it and make plans. Use any stability in your life as foundation so you can feel safer to make changes.

Mars in Scorpio is powerful! Use it to help yourself, and in turn, help others. Stop, breathe, open your heart and really listen. It’s time to face your fears, commit to being strong, mature and full of authority, and do what it takes to face your darkness, bringing it to light.

Ends: September 13


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