Written by Alice Inoue, Chief Happiness Officer of Happiness U:

Last night I was sharing with my friend, indispensable virtual assistant and Happiness U officer that a great way to set an intent in order to most successfully move towards manifesting your highest vision is to write about whatever it is that you are working towards from the viewpoint of telling the story as if it already happened – in great detail. Just as if you are telling a friend about what happened when it all turned out the way you wanted it to.

If you really want something and don’t do this, our minds will consistently point out all the impossibilities and the fears you have about the vision not happening and it can feel really defeating. So I was sharing with her that this is a great way to “pre-pave” the road to your vision, so to speak…to make it more real. Anyway, I was practicing this personally, and on her (kind of) a few months ago with something I wanted to happen. (I want to get the domain name from the owner in an “easy and effortless way” – we currently use”)

So I said, “Wouldn’t it be great if…the person who owns the domain name not only released it to us, he gave it to us for free because he loved what we represent, and what we are doing in the world!?!?!?! WOW!” Well, apparently she tuned into what I was saying AFTER the first five words.

I just found out last night that for months she believed that the domain name owner did exactly what I wanted him to already…so when I asked her to help me write that request letter to him, she said, “Huh? I thought he already gave it to you!” Bwahahaha! A great misunderstanding for the last day of Mercury Retrograde!!

Oh, and if you want to do this exercise, follow it up by writing down all the fears you are having about this vision not happening, and beside each fear, write down the multiple benefits to you should this fear come to pass, and how you will navigate it. This helps to equilibrate and bring to balance the fantasy and the fears that often show up in the form of distorted illusions, and also helps to empower you to bring forth equanimity within!


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