Written by Alice Inoue, Founder of Happiness U

I had the most interesting conversation on Saturday with a Cosmologist from Hungary who has a PhD in Astrophysics, and knows astronomy like the back of his hand. Cosmologists study what is happening to the physical universe.

Being an astrologer and a life guide, I was fascinated and wanted to know more about the Universe from a scientific perspective, as in my work, I find answers and gain meaning to the “bigger picture” by studying the effect of what manifests in our lives and correlating that to the patterns and cycles of life. In astrology, I relate the movement of the planets to the events our lives as they amazingly reflect the themes and potentials through timing. In feng shui, I relate the state of the home to our lives, and see how its symbolism uncannily also reflects what is going on.

Cosmological truths are reflected in our lives

In speaking to this scientist, I saw how scientific cosmological truths are also reflected in our lives. This cosmologist said that it is a proven fact that the Universe is not only expanding, its expansion is accelerating, and that even the force of gravity is not slowing it down. There are all sorts of theories about why, but it is agreed that the reason is because of “dark energy,” and it is this dark energetic force that is pulling the galaxies apart for accelerated expansion.

The correlation

Just like the ever expanding universe we live in, no one wakes up and says, “I want to shrink.” No one says, “I want to be less happy, less fulfilled, less smart, make less money or be less while here on earth.” No one I know really wants to have less joy, less strength, less abundance or less energy. Except for transient moments of challenge, for the most part, we, as human beings have an innate desire to grow and expand ourselves.

The things we think are missing in our lives (our personal dark matter), are the catalyst for what is driving us to be more, do more and have more, but sometimes we just stay focused on the dark matter (our voids). By doing so, we easily can get the sense that “everything is backwards” in our life.

The “dark matter” correlates to the voids – the things we perceive we don’t have. If we don’t have money, our void of money gives us a longing to want to expand our financial situation. If we don’t have a romantic relationship and wish we did (our void), we are driven to seek companionship. If we were unpopular and wanted more acceptance as a child, the drive to be accepted as an adult will drive us.

Are you stuck in your dark matter?

However, I often see people stuck on their dark matter, and what they don’t have. So instead of focusing on what you don’t have, (voids of the past or present), use your voids as a force to support you. By looking “outwards” you bring forth opportunities. By keeping our focus on our voids, we go against the divine ever-expanding flow of the Universe.

In closing

So what am I saying? Turn your attention towards your own growth and expansion by seeing your personal dark matter as the force that will propel you to mind-blowing heights, and help you to reach your highest potential, where your heart is fulfilled and your spirit shines it’s brightest. Everything that has ever happened to you is there for your growth and evolution. If the Universe is ever-expanding, then our attention must turn towards our own expansion. Affirm where you are growing, where you are going, and don’t let your dark matter get you down or hold you back!


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