If you would like to give more, make it a point to receive more. This may sound strange, but in order to be truly balanced, there must be an even exchange of energy in all you do. “Giving” is not better than “receiving” as many of us were raised to think – they are complementary opposites. If you are always giving to others, and don’t allow yourself to receive, you will not only drain your energy, but you will proportionately limit what you are ultimately able to give.

It doesn’t matter what you receive, it just has to fulfill a value in your life.  It can range from appreciation and help, to the gift of time, money or praise.   When you receive, you raise your self-worth, which in turn raises the self-worth of the giver further affirming an exchange of value.

Ask yourself, “Where can I be more open to receiving today, so that I have more to give tomorrow? By receiving more, you raise your ability to give more.


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