The more you want your life to be easy, the harder it will be.  The more you addicted you are to ease, the more stressful it will be.  The more you long for simple, the more you will be faced with complexities.  The more peace you wish for, the more disruption you will experience.  This is because life is a perfect mix of complementary opposites and one polarity cannot exist independently of the other no matter how much you desire it to be so.  When you start fantasizing about a life where you don’t have all these challenges, and wishing for your life to be “better” than you think it is, you will continue to experience, in equal and opposite proportion, more challenges.

How do you change this?  Start looking for and affirming the good that exists in your life right now in the midst of your challenges, and stop longing for a day in the future when your life somehow gets better.  If you can find the “good” within your current challenges – where you are positively learning, growing and benefiting in a way you would not had you not had this challenge, you will bring yourself into the present.  Otherwise you’ll perpetuate the fantasy in your head where an impossible future will greet you where everything is “perfect.”

The most empowering thing you can do is to stop wishing for your life to be something it’s not, and accept it for what it is.


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