Written by Happiness U founder, Alice Inoue


Astrologically…here’s what’s up! From texts to private messages to e-mails questioning “What’s going on?!?!” I realized it’s time for an update.

From the content of what people have been writing, I see that the solar and lunar eclipses of March and April are still having an effect on relationships (business and personal) in terms of the balance of “me vs.you”, giving versus receiving, misunderstandings, unmet expectation disappointment, as well as the need for new beginnings, yet having challenges letting go… If you are experiencing some of this, we are all in the same boat together!

In addition, our friend Mercury, the planet of communication is getting ready to go retrograde on May 19th, so now is a great time to start stocking up on alcohol and drugs. JUST KIDDING!!! (well, kind of)

The energy for the next month or so is as follows: More focus on what you want, and what is important to you in terms of your current values, and since Mercury retrograde is a great time to “rethink” things, you will naturally rethink where you want to focus and “spend” your energy. You will look at areas (people, situations, previous commitments) where you are wasting time, and by mid-June be ready to move in new directions.

I’ll write more on Mercury Retrograde as we get into it, but now is a great time to just “note” where you feel unproductive and stagnant. Practice patience over the next week or so as “hurry up” Mars is opposite “take your time” Saturn. You might find that projects, people and things you want done NOW take their sweet time. If you are going to complain or express dissatisfaction, remember to take a moment to inhale and exhale, and speak gracefully so as not to cause hurt feelings and more hassles.

Mark your calendars for Mercury Retrograde: May 19th to June 11th and rethink, retreat, revamp, redo, and most of all RE-LAX! I’ll be back with more soon! Stay tuned!


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