being stuck

If you feel your life is filled with problems and challenges these days, like you are somehow “stuck” in a situation, remember the polarity which makes up our life. We can be happy and sad, mean and nice, and even experience horrible and wonderful, all in the same moment. So also it is with a problem – it cannot exist without a solution. In the same way, a challenge cannot be without a corresponding benefit, nor can you experience a crises without a hidden blessing.

It’s not what is going on that matters as much as it is your perception of what’s going on, and what you choose to do about it. When we feel stuck, the reality is that there is a lot of movement going on, just movement back into the same mindset of being “stuck,” over and over again! Today, instead of affirming how stuck you feel, look for opportunities to affirm how your problem is leading you to explore new avenues of thought and growth. Pave your own way out. The world will not change for you, and nothing will change until you do.


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