Sometimes it’s easy to wonder why life doesn’t go the way we want all the time. Why don’t others do what we want them to? How do we get caught up in these complex situations and feel trapped? Why does life feel so hard sometimes? One way to understand it is this: The Universe is here to teach us to grow and evolve, and to find our deepest power and purpose.

When we have an unrealistic expectation that life should be easier, and that life should have more positive than negative, we basically set ourselves up to experience more negativity and feel more pain. Why? Because life is trying to show you that there is a balance.

We grow on the edge of challenge and support. So today, create balance by looking for the “good” that is coming out of your current challenge, and see it for the catalyst that it is, and the new direction your life is taking because of it. Everything that is happening is truly for a reason – if you can find those reasons, you can begin moving towards the lighted path of a new reality filled with peace, joy, and personal power.


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