We all say we want to “be authentic.”  We are happiest, most centered, and ultimately fulfilled, when we can just be ourselves.  Yet we put on these social masks that project an identity that is not true to who we really are inside.  Why do we do this?

When we think that someone is “more important” than us or “better” in some way, we see our value as reduced, and put on an “inferior” mask when talking to them.  On the other hand, if we judge someone to be less than, and see them as lacking in some way, we put on a “superior” mask when talking to them.  We decide what mask to put on based on what we think about ourselves, and what we think about the person we are engaging with.

The masks that we wear give others the impression of someone that is not really who we are, and it is what separates us from our authenticity.  The more masks you wear, the less comfortable you are with who you are, and the less authentically you live your life.

Learning how to be authentic is a process.  To start, be honest about who you are and what you love to do (and don’t judge that).  Then start to work towards living your life in accordance to what is truly most important to you – not what is most important to others.  When you put on your masks you weaken yourself, and living authentically is the key to your success and ultimate fulfillment.  Remember, there is no persona or mask that can compete with the true and amazing you!  You are perfect exactly the way you are.  The moment you embrace this, nothing will be able to stop you from your ultimate goals.


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