GirlKey10 Qualities of Amazing Friends
(Or partner/spouse/parent/human beings)

Kimi Morton & Pua Pakele and Cabot
August 5, 2015

We all know that good friends can be hard to come by these days. However jealous, needy, and fair-weather friends are a dime a dozen! Well here is to celebrating those great friends, and all of the traits that make them amazing!

So what makes a friend amazing?

They are Present

When you are at your favorite lunch spot with your bestie, what frustrates you more than realizing you are actually on a lunch date with the top of their head? AKA…them staring down at the cellphone! A good friend puts down the phone, uses eye contact, and really listens to what you have to say.

They are Problem Solvers

There is no shortage of people who will bitch and commiserate with you, but a really amazing friend will be solution-focused. A good friend will know that what you really need is someone who can shift your focus toward solving the problem. First they will listen, and when they can sense that you are ready and receptive to find a solution, they will help talk you through it and find a solution. Friends can tell each other things that are hard to hear because they love each other.

They Look for Ways to Make Life Easier

A really great friend is perceptive. They can sense when things are troubling you, and look for ways to help improve your situation or make your life easier. Without overextending themselves and compromising their own boundaries, which can lead to resentment, great friends look for things that they can do for you. Sometimes this is as simple as giving you a shoulder to cry on, or a reason to laugh! Lightening the emotional load is just as helpful as it is necessary!

They Know It’s About Quality, Not Quantity

A great friend understands that you don’t necessarily need to see each other ALL the time. A real friend doesn’t spend time with you out of obligation, and they will not expect that from you!

They Enjoy Even the Worst Situations With You

You know the expression, “A good friend will bail you out of jail, but a GREAT friend will be sitting next to you saying, ‘damn…that was fun!’”? Yea, these are keepers. You know, the friend that makes even waiting at the DMV an awesome experience.

They Are All for Whatever Makes You Happy

An amazing friend doesn’t judge anything you do, and you can tell them anything! I mean anything! You encourage their deepest desires and dreams no matter what they are. Hey, you want to be a stripper? Let me help you install a pole in your house! You want to quit your corporate job to buy a food truck? They will be first in line. Above all else, your happiness is what makes them happy.

They Keep it Real But They Aren’t Jerks

The best kind of friend will tell you what you don’t want to hear and likewise call you on your BS. They have your back.

They Say Sorry

A true friend values your relationship so much that they treat it tenderly and are quick to heal or address anything that feels off or out of alignment. They value your relationship over being “right”

They Look for Opportunities to Surprise and Delight!

You know that person is the best kind of friend when they know you well enough to know what makes you smile. Whatever your “love language” is (both Kimi & I love to give little gifts) they use that to surprise & delight!

They Appreciate You

A true friend will express their gratitude. They will make you feel loved. Their appreciation inspires you to be more grateful and appreciative of everything in your life!

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