Here’s a bit of background on the story… When I was 17, in my first year of college, I became friends with a red-headed girl named Liz. She had the most incredible personality, and exuded confidence in all she did. She was witty, smart, beautiful, talented, well-traveled, and magnetic. She was from Beverly Hills, very sophisticated, and I was dazzled by her – especially because at that time I was extremely shy, socially inexperienced, chubby and unpopular.

So of course, I was thrilled when she wanted to be my friend. Soon I decided I wanted to be “just like her” – so much so I even permed my hair to match her naturally curly hair. She saw my potential, I guess, and spent hours every day schooling me on the “ways of the world” – from the right way to respond when you meet a celebrity, to how to flirt with desired results, to how to be successful at anything. She was this incredible inspiration in my life at the time.

Sadly for me, a year later she went off to a different school, and we eventually ended up losing touch. We spoke once about 16-17 years ago but that was about it. We both got caught up in our lives, and here we are 33 years later.

Well, about a month ago, I found some old photos of us from when we were 18. I Googled her and was not surprised to see she is an award-winning news anchor for Fox Business News. She interviews people like Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, and the top CEO’s of Fortune 100 businesses! I wanted to get in touch so I could send her these photos, however, due to her status, she is so well-protected that I couldn’t find a way to reach her directly. I never left my name with anyone, but did leave her photos out on my desk ever since – so I’ve thinking about her a lot over the last month.

You know where this is leading, right? Yesterday morning I wake up to a phone message from guess who? YES! Of course…it was Liz and her vibrant voice saying she missed me and had been thinking of me. She said had no idea she had my phone number all these years – until she felt the urge to look. It was amazing to get caught up, and she is making plans to come to Hawaii to visit in December.

CONCLUSION: Our connection to others exists beyond time and space. So whether you are thinking of someone you haven’t seen for weeks and you “happen to” run into them, or like in my case, Liz, who I haven’t seen for over 30 years responds to my “energy” – there are no mistakes and there is nothing random about life – yours or mine.

We are infinitely connected to the people, places, situations and circumstances unique to our lives, and our thoughts, intention, and emotion direct and facilitate that connection. So, when you see it manifest in your life, celebrate that there IS a synchronistic divinity that exists that balances out the crazy chaos that sometimes can take center stage. Life is truly amazing in so many ways.


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