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It’s normal to have worries and fears. Why is this a part of our life? I have observed within myself and in the numerous histories that I have taken over the years of how much fear is a part of people’s lives. Some handle their fears better than others, while others have a difficult time navigating through some hefty fearful challenges. What I have learned is that fears are sometimes necessary for us to test our mettle and see what we are willing to do and face those fears or challenges that we feel may at the time feel too difficult to look at. We many times get caught up in how one should act instead of trusting what we feel inside and listen to our inner guidance.

One way to live an authentic life is to accept oneself for who they are, and embrace both their upsides and downsides equally. The need to be accepted by others/peers oftentimes may take precedence and override what we truly feel and how we act. Instead of doing what we really want to do and express ourselves authentically we hold ourselves back. Some people have no problem expressing their true nature, while many have a fear of not being accepted or loved, which makes one alter their behavior and hide behind facades to avoid ridicule or even worse, rejection.

Fear is not real, but symptomatically expresses in our bodies in different ways. A few common examples are shortness of breath or holding of breath, rapid heart beat/pulse rate, sweaty palms, nausea, and an unsettled feeling in the pit of one’s stomach. It is not about avoiding our fears, or even controlling our fears, but to have the courage to take a look at all the facts to substantiate whether or not we should fear a person, situation, or life circumstance. FEAR can stand for the acronym, False Evidence Appearing Real. In other words, all fear is, is a fabrication of the mind that deems a particular action will cause more pain or suffering. The moment we recognize that a certain situation that we fear will not cause any pain, is when the fear evaporates like a bad dream into the ethers.

Take this time to take a look at what you are afraid of. It may be the fear of heights, flying in an airplane, spiders, and an assortment of other things. Learn to embrace your fear and your shortcomings; take stock of where you are capable and start building up your self-confidence. Only you have the power and ability to get over any fears in your life. Bolstering your confidence in handling your fear, will get you to take action, and instead of being a victim, you can choose to empower yourself. This is where the trust in your body’s symptoms and knowing what to do to deal with certain health ailments can serve as your support in dealing with fears. The power that comes with knowledge and wisdom of how your body deals with stress and fears can go a long way towards solving health crises and eventually the resolution of your fears. Take this moment to decide if you want to deal with your fear, or if you don’t want to deal with the fear, you can always do it at a different time. The choice is always yours to make.

Screen shot 2015-08-20 at 12.11.04 PMOur guest blogger this week is Dr. Chad Sato.  He is a chiropractor, writer, speaker, teacher, and life facilitator, striving to help as many people as he can gain a greater mastery and connection with their bodies through the mind-body connection.


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