An AMAZING synchronicity and how in 60 seconds a dog walking out of my elevator showed me the inherent balance and ultimate perfection of life.

FAST BACKGROUND: I introduced the Hawaiian Humane Society to my talented friend Jason Steele Lent, of Lent Enterprises, who composed a custom jingle and conceptualized a commercial for them. With the camera and editing talents of Keli`i Grace, they created a masterpiece (“Homeless Hermin the Dog”) that made it to the final six of best PSA’s in the nation. To say “thank you” for making the connection, the Humane Society sent me a basket of flowers that my security office was holding. Of all the times I could have picked up the basket, I chose this past Thursday at 7:43 am.

I shrieked when I saw the basket because it was SO ADORABLE — the flowers were creatively arranged to look like a dog! While marveling at the utter cuteness of this, a dog that looks almost EXACTLY like the flower dog comes out of the elevator. “OMG, WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?” I think to myself.

Well, those of you who know me or read my posts know that I LOVE synchronicities because they remind me of the divine order that exists in the Universe, and I love documenting moments of magical timing. So I insisted that the owners stop in their path and let me take a photo.

Well, it took a while for me to get my phone camera to start working. Meanwhile, the dog and owners wanted to leave, but I “made” them stay for this (in a nice kind of insisting way). I finally got to take a few shots and while I’m reviewing the photos, utterly smug with myself for capturing such a cool moment — I hear the female owner of the dog scream, “OH NO!!!! Benjamin…NO!”

I look up just in time to see Benjamin peeing on my dog flower.

THE BIGGER PICTURE OF “LIFE” CONFIRMED IN 60 SECONDS: Life is two-sided. Both “positive” and “negative” exist at all levels and show up in all experiences in the course of life. Expecting to only have a one-sided “positive” life – in a two-sided world – will inevitably lead you to disappointments. Like two poles of a magnet, one cannot exist without the other. So, if you get overly excited and “caught up” in a high about one thing, you can fully expect that someone or something will come and “rain on your parade” (or pee on your flowers) to bring you down. It’s the reality of life. If you “get” this… you get life.


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