We are in the midst of the holiday season, and though we do our best to fill ourselves with “holiday cheer,” just because the calendar says it’s the holiday season, our challenges, complexities, and chaos don’t go on holiday. They still remain inside of us, and are reflected all around us.

Although the elves may be happily working away, we as humans still get irritated, have to deal with financial challenges, family dynamics, relationship discomfort, work that needs to get done, complaints, martyrdom, negativity, etc.

So… today, and over the next week, keep this “secret” in mind: The magic lies IN the challenges. You have to look AT the challenges to spark the true magic! Yes, the more you resist and hate these challenges, the more you limit the amount of magic you can experience and as a result, you’ll feel more “down” after the holidays are over.

However, if you take a moment now to look at all this “stuff” that you hate, and just say “thank you” – knowing it’s in your life for a reason, that there are unseen benefits yet to unfold from these very people and these very situations, you will spark the magic. I know it’s hard, but you’ll be amazed at what can unfold from this simple act.

Look at one thing that you’ve been hating on, and ask yourself, how is this one thing causing you to become a better person. How is it helping you to become more aware? How is it helping you to grow? How is it helping you to be more creative, get to know yourself better, draw stronger boundaries? There are hidden benefits to every single challenge.

BOTTOM LINE: Say thank you for all you love, of course, but also say thank you for all that you don’t love. Integrated gratitude is where it’s at. That’s where the magic lies, my dear friends.


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