Something to be aware of is “Mars in Scorpio” January 3 through March 6. It’s a time where you will have the opportunity to more easily release a lot of things that you “do to yourself” that drag you down. This includes holding on to people and situations that are “not good for you” and insisting on doing things that are sabotaging your success. You may notice more “negativity” showing up (in your head and in other people). Instead of focusing on it, use this period to remind yourself to look for solutions that will make YOUR life easier (not others’) and try not to fixate so much on all the challenges.

Use this time to decide:

  1. Who or what you need to separate or gradually distance yourself from.
  2. How you can look at a challenging situation and see it as a catalyst to get you to move in a new direction.
  3. Define how you will react to the recurring situations and people that really bother you the next time it happens.

The goal is to move forward from that which is dragging you down, and Mars in Scorpio gives you this opportunity. However, you MUST take responsibility and take action. It won’t happen automatically.


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