I find myself dreading certain situations that bring the feelings of not being good enough and not mattering.  I watch others get upset because they want to feel happy all the time (yes, I see how ironic that is), but it just doesn’t happen that way.

Humans have so many emotions and feelings, yet we’re programmed to think that certain ones are “good”, and certain ones are “bad”, and should be avoided.  Do you ever wonder what life would be like if there were no opinions about emotions and feelings?  Everything you felt would just be how you felt, without judgment.  We would be able to experience things as they are, instead of creating stories of how things should be different.

For one week, or even just one day, can we allow ourselves to be okay with any feelings that come up?  Experience them, watch them, let them pass, and see if you respond to situations differently.  No feeling is good or bad.

Our guest blogger this week is Erin Ushijima.  She is a Happiness Officer at Happiness U, as well as a virtual assistant to myself and other clients, at Erin Ushijima Creative Assistance.

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