THE ASTROLOGICAL”WEATHER”: Eclipses (emotional “resets”) and Mercury Retrograde (communication and technology “mix ups”) are in effect! If this interests you, read on:

SOLAR ECLIPSE: On September 1 we experienced a solar eclipse in Virgo. Eclipses help us to “reset” on all levels and are tied to changing circumstances that are necessary for our growth. Eclipses can be emotional, and this one may be part of why you’ve felt more on edge than usual.

MERCURY RETROGRADE: In addition, Mercury Retrograde is in effect (August 30-September 21). Relationships will seem to require a lot more attention during this time. Criticism seems to be pronounced (of self and others). If you get this from someone, try not to take it personally. Diffuse tension by choosing your words carefully and “letting things go” more than you normally would.

It should be an “easier” one than usual, because it’s positioned between Venus (love and balance) and Jupiter (expansion and opportunities). Do remember to slow down and double check things though. And remember, there’s always wine to help you wind down and relax!  🙂


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