FEELING STUCK, UNSUPPORTED, AND LOW ON ENERGY? Clear out your refrigerator! Did you know that the refrigerator symbolically represents a place of energy and fuel for you and your family? The refrigerator is the nurturing aspect of our home. It holds and “hugs” the food for us. We go in and out many times without appreciation for the job it does for us. It lovingly holds all that is used to nurture our bodies so we can, in turn, feel good, and be productive.

Do you have old expired items in there that you wouldn’t even feed your enemy? Are there crumbs, unidentifiable objects, and sticky stuff? Old frozen food that’s lost nutritional value? Anything that is not fresh enough to eat today, should be discarded. Fill your fridge with freshness and healthiness. Schedule your refrigerator clearing today! You’ll feel SO MUCH BETTER!


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