PANIC! FOLLOWED BY SIGNS OF DIVINE SYNCHRONICITY: When I make a bold move in my life, no matter how confident or well thought out the move is, I really welcome confirmation from the Universe! Here’s my personal story.

November 2 was a big day for Happiness U because after months of contemplation, planning, and negotiating, I signed a new lease to move our business to a new area in Kaka’ako called “SALT.” A few hours after committing 100%, a wave of panic hit me so strongly it caused me to painfully face my fears. What if this is all wrong and more than I can handle? Worse, what if our business doesn’t grow in the way I envision and I go bankrupt? What have I committed myself to?

In that exact moment of extreme unease and anxiety, my eyes fell on the numbers “888” on a car license plate in front of me. I was born under a numerological “8” life path, so seeing the 8’s line up was personally meaningful yet it did nothing for me in the moment, and my heart kept pounding with the realization that there’s no going back – and I could have just made a bad decision. I was aware enough to know that it meant something so I took a photo.

You know how they say “everything comes in 3’s?” Well, exactly three minutes later my eyes land on ANOTHER license plate with the triple 8’s. And of course three minutes after that, I see yet ANOTHER car with the triple eight on its license! It took all this “divine orchestration” for me to finally “get” the message and calm my wildly beating heart.

In 2008 I wrote in my first book, “Synchronicities are the Universe’s way of letting you know you are on the right path.” If I take my own words to be true, I’m being shown that we are on the right path, and hopefully on the cusp of something new and exciting! Thank you for sharing this journey with me. If you’ve read this far, you are a part of the success of all we do at Happiness U. A special shout out to Erin and Val, our members, sponsors and supporters, without whom Happiness U would not be in existence today.


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