MY PERSONAL EXPLANATION ON WHAT IT MEANS TO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR: An entrepreneur is more than just someone who owns a business. It’s someone who chooses to live with uncertainty when it comes to predictability. It’s someone who is willing to ignore the advice of those who say they should “play it safe, slow down, and get a stable job.”

Entrepreneurs are willing to bet on themselves, and their ideas. They are always thinking, fueling, directing, and creating the path towards fulfilling a perceived need in the marketplace, all while simultaneously sustaining a vehicle for profit. They prioritize work because it inspires them, even in the face of crazy challenges and opposition from others who think their time or energy should be focused on non-work related activities.

Entrepreneurs live through cycles of chaos, and grow by willingly taking on financial risk. When cash flow is tight, strength of character and untapped resources of inner creativity emerge. They forego paychecks when necessary so others can be paid and the business can keep going.

Entrepreneurs are visionary, have big dreams, and learn that they have to trust others in the process of growth. They learn what kind of leader they are. They often have unconventional ideas and are not intimidated by what they don’t know, rather driven by opportunities, service, possibilities, and heart.

Thank you to all who continue to support and encourage my journey. I am truly grateful.


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