Make this a better year by letting 2018 be about the journey, rather than the destination. To bring context – we don’t listen to a song just to get to the end; we listen for the experience of the emotions it evokes as we sing along. We don’t read a book just to get to the end; we immerse ourselves so we can get “lost” in the story. We don’t fantasize about coming home again when we start out on a trip; we go on a trip to create memories and have new and joyful experiences.

This coming year is no different. How you define your experience will completely impact your journey. Pursue your goals, of course, but rather than frustrate about the speed at which things show up, or what is or isn’t happening to your expectations, make sure you search for and honor the awesomeness that will be there as you go along. This is one way you can create consistency in a world that is quite inconsistently chaotic.


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