OH YES! MERCURY RETROGRADE (MR) STARTED ON THURSDAY 3/22 (till 4/15)! MR is the one astrological aspect that gets the most attention because it is one of the few that affects everyone. Knowing about MR can help you better go with the flow, increase your productivity and by pass some of the frustration! So here’s what it’s about. You may be feeling it already.

When it’s MR, there’s a higher probability for communication to be misinterpreted or misunderstood, especially this one. That’s why it’s a good idea to watch your thoughts and watch your words:

1. Give others the benefit of the doubt. Don’t jump to conclusions and assume anything. Clarify intent and meaning before allowing yourself to feel provoked, slighted or emotional.

2. Be mindful of how YOU communicate. If you know something you say or do is a trigger for someone you are in relationship with, temper your words. Make an effort to say it nicely or refrain from saying it, even if you are very annoyed.

3. Notice that old issues, wounds and thoughts may come up. Be ready. Great opportunity for re-looking at the past and clearing some inner clutter.

4. Remember to practice your patience muscle. Learning patience. Practicing patience. Embodying patience and slowing down in more ways than you’ve needed to recently is a theme. Think things through before taking action. Be intentional.

Most importantly use this to your advantage! Take more breaks. Relax more. Do more things that are fun for you.


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