The purpose of any relationship is to teach us about ourselves by reflecting all aspects of ourselves right back in our face. The relationships that you call “good” are simply reflecting all the goodness within you.

Those you call “bad” are the unpleasant ones that reflect back to you some inner aspect of yourself that you may or may not be aware of. The saying “Wherever you go, there you are” couldn’t be more true. You can’t get away from yourself.

You can’t get “kind” from someone unless you have “kind” within you. If you don’t think you deserve someone that’s been amazing to you, re-frame that thought and own it. It’s a reflection of you. You manifested it.

In the same way, if you don’t like what’s going on in another relationship, take a look inside. People treat you exactly the way you treat yourself. If they disrespect you, where do you disrespect yourself? If they are mean to you, where do you put yourself down? Your inner dialogue is an outer manifestation.

So, what to do? Be kind to yourself. Honor yourself. Care for yourself. The more you show love to yourself, the more love will show up in your life.


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