We live in a two-sided world. Everything we experience in life has two sides to it. You are two-sided. Events are two-sided – everything from the micro to the macro is about duality. Life is about experiencing the duality, and understanding how complementary opposites exist at every level of our being. This includes the experience of life itself. There is no understanding of happy without sad. Life cannot be up without down. You cannot be only nice and not mean. There is no such thing as growth without breakdown, and neither can there be positive without negative.

The sooner you recognize there is no such thing as a one-sided “all positive” life, the happier you will be. If you insist on pursuing this – in a dualistic world – you will inevitably lead yourself into unrealistic expectations, disappointments, and ultimately depression. Happiness happens when you stop expecting life to be something it’s not, and accept it for what it is. Accept the “not so positive” things in your life, and watch how quickly your emotions balance themselves out.


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