The ancients looked for the Sun in the morning and to the Moon at night to know all was well. From the beginning of time human beings have used the Sun and the Moon to mark time and space, yet it’s what we make of the experience of this time and space we occupy on Earth that makes life what it is.

Every year, we get an opportunity to celebrate the day of our birth – one revolution around the Sun. What I like to do at this time is to see how my challenges have helped me evolve and grow. It’s easy to be thankful for the easy and good, but not as easy to see the good in the challenges.

However, like the Sun and the Moon and the physical experience of night and day, life gives us both light and dark in our lives. We have ups and downs, happiness and sadness, as well as both hard and easy. Life is simply as a series of polar experiences urging us to find balance, see things in new ways and unfold new depths of ourselves. Accepting that life will bring you both sides, and trusting that just as day follows night, so also will you emerge out of your darkness is the key to finding happiness daily.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes I see coming in. I appreciate all the feedback and insights I learn from you on Facebook and other outlets every day.


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