When you fear a negative outcome, your mind will create an array of abundantly detailed scenarios to support your fears. As this one-sided negative reality plays incessantly in your head, you will take these scenarios as the likeliest of outcomes, creating unnecessary stress and anguish.

How often have you worried about something, only to find that you worried for nothing? Save some of that energy you are wasting. Here’s what to do to move forward positively:

1. Prepare and get your supplies together while being appreciative of the time you DO have to prepare. Plan what you will do should your fear manifest. Having a plan and a strategy will calm your mind.

2. To bring balance to your fears, empower yourself by envisioning multiple, positive outcomes. Remember, there IS possibility that you will have nothing more than strong wind and heavy rain.

3. Stop believing every thought that pops into your head! Your brain will lie to you about reality when you start fearing the worst. Force yourself to focus on that which supports the desired outcome.

Finally, remember, most of what you worry about never happens. And even if it does, the positive support that will come forth from any hardships will balance things out, and you will rise up with an unprecedented appreciation for life and the people in it. All is well and you will be fine.


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