When Mercury is in Retrograde our communication, electronics, movement and momentum gets a bit jumbled and we find ourselves needing to redo some things and basically slow down. Well, Venus is retrograde in the signs of Scorpio and Libra.

The theme of Venus Retrograde has to do with relationships. Do they end, change form, or come through stronger? This applies to love, business and creative partnerships. Venus rules the way we love, what we love and the way we spend our time, money and resources.

Here are some themes to note:

PEOPLE FROM THE PAST SHOWING UP: This may be for intentions in business or love. Be open, but proceed with caution. Do not think “this is it!” and jump in until you’ve done some due diligence.

DEEP, INTIMATE, INTENSE AND EXTREME EMOTIONS: These emotions are centered on any personal relationships that need a change. Relationships where you are not aligned and where you’ve needed to address previously avoided issues will be highlighted. Relationships where you are aligned, however, can deepen and strengthen for the long haul.

REASSESSMENT OF YOUR TIME, MONEY AND ENERGY AND HOW YOU ARE SPENDING THEM. If you don’t feel resonant with someone or some place, you’ll feel that things need to change – and you’ll be more likely to make these changes than before. If you think you don’t need make any changes, but change happens anyway, know that it is right for you, even though it doesn’t feel good.

PEOPLE ACTING “CRAZY.” Often when energy shifts and one is not conscious of whats happening, people get “weird” and act up. Normally I wouldn’t mention it but I had more than a handful of notifications from others. People they know (or don’t know) being more emotional than usual. Electricity (energy) acting up. Alarms sounding. Just breathe, do what you need to do, distance and don’t get caught up emotionally.

Through this 40 day and 40 night journey, be open to change. Things are surfacing and that which needs to be revealed will be. It can be that your self-value that was suppressed begins to rise, or you see aspects of others that you have been tolerating but no longer want to.

Expect some deep personal revelations. Scorpio is a sign of transformation and is the grand master of evolution. Embracing and “letting go” under this theme, and being open to love and authentic desire will open your path.

Look forward to liberation, potential and power. Scorpio tends to bring up fear, but the key is to trust that everything revealed is for the purpose of growth and clarity, helping you to get real.


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