We have an eclipse and a supermoon imminent. Eclipses bring an emotional reboot – kind of like how we restart our computer when it’s moving slow. Supermoons add power to the theme. In addition, we have a grand cross pattern between Uranus, the full moon, and the asteroid Pallas (goddess of warfare, wisdom and strategy).

What does all this mean? Expect a bit of intensity (you may be experiencing it already) as you feel pulled in many different directions, with every thing, every thought and everyone seemingly needing your attention at once.

What will happen? You’ll likely make a lot of progress in a very short time. You may intensely feel the need to purge – people, things, rubbish, emotions, commitments and old stuff from the past. There is a need for you to make room in your life for things that support your happiness and freedom. Do these questions resonate with you?

• How am I operating within my existing relationships?
• Am I “good” or do I need to make a change?
• What kind of relationships am I attracting (or do I want to attract)?

If you feel that you have outgrown certain people, relationships, organizations and situations, it’s likely that you will decide to connect differently around this. Maybe you’ll only shift your attitude (versus make a drastic change). It can be both emotional and enlightening as you become aware of where you may have chosen to restrict yourself to fit in, or stay in situations and relationships that no longer really serve you.

No matter what you do, know that you are building a better future for yourself when you pay attention to how you feel, and take action to the degree that you are ready.

See you on the other side of letting go! Everything is going to be okay. Just trust that you’ll never do anything that’s not right for you in some way.


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