You can’t call yourself a “life guide” – that’s not a profession.
You have to get a degree to be respected.
You’re not qualified to help people professionally.
You can’t make a business out of “life guidance.”
You need to settle down and focus on one thing.
You’ll cheapen your name if you self-publish your books.
You’re taking too much of a risk to open Happiness U.
You’re too old to do this.
You’re too young to do that.
You’re too skinny.
You work too much.
You need to eat meat.
You should this…
You have to that…
You won’t be able to if you don’t…

And you know what? Though people mean well, had I followed all this advice and bought into other people’s fears, I would have a very different existence right now.

Remember, you are the author of your life. You have the “AUTHOR-ity” to write the story of your life the way you want. You are the one responsible. You are in charge of the direction you go. You are the one that will have the experience. Others people’s judgments and advice often come from a perspective that has nothing to do with you.

If you feel something in your heart to be true for you, do it. Other people’s opinions do not need to factor into your decision-making reality. You can do anything, in any way at any time. Own your choices and live your life. Come out of the shadow and into the brilliance of who you are.


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