Mercury is officially in retrograde.  What this means for all of us is an opportunity to mindfully go with the planetary flow. Move through this with awareness and consciousness.

Here’s a few guidelines to follow to maximize ease and minimize stress during Mercury Retrograde (MR).

1. If someone says something that irks you, before you irk back remember that it is MR and either let it go, or ask for clarity about what they meant (without sarcasm) before you jump to an assumption that isn’t true and get into a snarl.

2. If you feel you are taking two steps back for every step forward, let go and let it be. Don’t waste energy whining, complaining or blaming. You are in exactly the right place. It’s meant to be.

3. If someone doesn’t return your text, email or phone call in a timely manner, instead of jumping to the assumption that they are being rude or don’t value you, ask them if they received it. If they don’t respond after the 3rd time then you can put Nair in their shampoo.

4. If you experience more communication breakdown, mechanical breakdown, automobile breakdown or tech breakdown than usual, at least you know why because you read it here. Feel empathy for the people that don’t know why all this is happening.

The main thing to keep front of mind is that there will always be some one, some situation or some planet going retrograde and what you have control over is your perspective.


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