Some people are dying while others are thriving. Some have lost their jobs while others still have theirs. Some are losing their businesses and others can’t keep up with demand. Some are going in debt while others have more than enough. Some have lost hair from home-schooling while working full-time, while others are cruising at home. We have all been thrust into a vast new reality that will make history forever.

The question I want to answer is, “Why have some been “spared” from challenges, and why do so many other have to “suffer?”

The simple answer is this. If you’re going through challenges, it’s to ultimately usher you towards a better direction. If you are in the midst of uncertainty, you are simultaneously in the midst of finding new gifts, lessons, and opportunity. Trust the process of life. If you strive to look for the upsides of all the downsides, you will bring forth exactly what you need in the days ahead to emerge with something valuable from all of this. Everything will come together for you. Keep trusting and take it day by day.

If you’re one who has been spared but are wondering why, know this. Life will always bring you exactly what you need, at exactly the right moment, delivered in exactly the right way. Right now is obviously not the time for a big lesson or a big change in direction. Maybe you had challenges in the past that set you on your current course. Maybe you’ll have challenges in the future that you need to experience at that time. Everything is about divine timing.

What I’ve come to understand is each person has a personal destiny, and even the most horrible and painful events in our lives contain hidden blessings. It’s a great truth and one of the easiest to forget. So if life is calm for you, be thankful. If life is like a roller coaster for you, hold onto the truth.

The truth is that everything happens to your ultimate benefit, and there are gifts in all experiences good or challenging, even if you feel blind to the outcome.


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