At the deepest core of every human being is one sole desire. We want to be loved, valued, and appreciated for who we are. We don’t want to be loved conditionally. We don’t want be valued only for what we do, nor be be told how we should be. We want to be seen for the beautiful and unique being that we are. We want to be supported by others in a way that fuels our soul and illuminates our spirit.⁠

How many times have you said you love someone or think you love someone, but also secretly or verbally express that they not be so “this” or they do more of “that?” It’s easy to put subtle conditions on someone based on your desire to fix or control them. Maybe you say you love them, but you also judge them.⁠

Loving someone for who they are means to make a choice to accept all of them. It means to have empathy, understanding and courage to work on yourself so you can let go of your ego. Truly loving someone for who they are and then letting them know is one of the most precious gifts you can give to another human being, including yourself.


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