Even long time followers of astrology may not be aware that every zodiac sign has a physical body part that is associated with it. We’ve all been through a lot. This weekend might be a great time to plan some customized self-care that is energetically in line with the physical correlation to your astrological sign.

ARIES: Aries is a fire sign that rules the head, eyes, and brain. To enhance your fire element, get active even if you don’t feel like it, or you’ve been procrastinating on exercise. Set your intent to go for a jog with upbeat music, find a YouTube fitness class to move to, or turn up your favorite music and make up new dance moves. To honor your Aries ruler, put on a good hair mask, give yourself a scalp massage and do eye exercises (find them online) to strengthen your vision. Help your brain feel good by learning something new. Anything that challenges you and moves you out of your comfort zone will up your feel-good quotient.

TAURUS: Taurus is an earth sign that rules the throat, neck, and vocal cords. To honor your earth element’s need for stability, routine, and predictability, plan your schedule for the month even if there are still uncertainties in your life. From waking up, to eating breaks and exercise plans, put it in your calendar. This will help to satisfy your need for routine and certainty. To show love for your body’s ruler, find a sing-along karaoke app, and drink throat-soothing tonics such as warm honey milk or gingered cider. Put on your most comfortable home clothes, eat something decadent and savor every bit of it.

GEMINI: Gemini is an air sign that rules the arms, hands, and nervous system. To give your air element some fresh energy, reach out to five people you’ve lost touch with. Check in on them and say hello. Get new conversations going to stimulate your need for movement. Find a new podcast to subscribe to on the topic of breathing, and learn the importance of breath and how it can soothe anxiety and scatteredness. Learn sign language, find a simple craft you can make and complete within a few hours. Get out a blank notebook and start a journal, writing down all the benefits you’ve found from the time at home.

CANCER: Cancer is a water sign that rules the chest, breasts, and stomach. To support the needs of the water element, make sure to set your boundaries – both physical boundaries and emotional boundaries so you feel safe in your space. Once you set this in place, relax and set up your space. Choose an area in your home or room and bring your favorite items and make it cozy. Make a hot homemade compress with essential oils such as lavender, rose, or peppermint and place on your chest or stomach while you relax. Cook your favorite comfort food while watching food and home shows. Make a concerted effort to take care of your own needs even though you feel that you need to take care of the needs of others first.

LEO: Leo is a fire sign that rules the heart, spine, and upper back. The fire needs of a Leo have to do with being an illuminating presence and feeling happy and joyful. To stoke your fire, it’s important that you feel good, and look good. Make a face mask and a hair mask from ingredients you have in your kitchen. Make a full body scrub with a mix of ground coffee, brown sugar, coconut oil, and a splash of vanilla. Relax while you focus on your heart and do a heart-opening meditation by envisioning that the love in your heart is so powerful. It is uplifting all the people that are going through pain during this time. Share your experience with your friends on social media and bask in their positive responses.

VIRGO: Virgo is an earth sign that rules the digestive system, intestines, and spleen. The earth needs of a Virgo mainly require clarity and organization. To support this, make a plan this month to clean and neaten one drawer a day. Identify the drawer or area on your calendar and literally schedule the task daily. In addition, look into resonating ways to support your body, whether it is to eat for your body type, eat for your genome, or eat for your blood type. Your spleen holds your emotional stress, and when imbalanced, wreaks havoc on your system. Do things to support your spleen such as consciously chewing your food slowly and fully, drinking warm veggie-laden soups, and eating legumes, walnuts, ginger, and squash.

LIBRA: Libra is an air sign that rules the kidneys, skin, lower back, and buttocks. To catch up with your elemental air needs, plan some socialization to get reconnected with people you’ve missed. It’s important to balance your intrinsic needs after times of isolation. Your kidneys serve to filter out that which your body doesn’t need, make sure you go through your list of friends and lists of social acquaintances and filter out those who have been a drain to you in the past or who you no longer resonate with, and make a plan to gracefully transition them out of your life as we move out of quarantine.

SCORPIO: Scorpio is a water sign and rules the reproductive system and sexual organs. The water needs of a Scorpio are deep and retentive. To enhance the cleansing power of water, make sure you drink clear fresh water often throughout the day. Research high fiber foods, digestion stimulating herbs, and waste-flushing tonics that you can incorporate into your diet. Consider planning a colon cleanse to help your body let go of toxins. If none of that resonates, read a mystery or get hooked on a suspense thriller series on Netflix to satisfy your need for the complex.

SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarius is a fire sign that rules the pelvis, hips, thighs, and liver. The fire side of you needs to explore, learn, grow, and expand. As such, make sure you move your mind, especially now that you can’t move your body to another city, state, or country – yet. Utilize this time to plan your next trip in detail, make your bucket list and put the results in your calendar. Honor your liver as the ruler of your sign by eating natural liver-cleansing superfoods such as citrus, garlic, walnuts, and olive oil. You will feel productive and accomplished if you take an online class to satisfy your need for intellectual expansion.

CAPRICORN: Capricorn is an earth sign that rules your bones, legs, skin, and teeth. To support the earth element in you, make sure that you keep your surrounding efficient. If things have gotten messy during this time, take the time to set up your environment. Decluttering and clearing out your closets will help replenish your energy. If you’re feeling like you need more pampering versus moving, give your skin the care it needs. Exfoliate your face with an olive oil and sugar scrub, then make a face mask from avocados, olive oil, and grated cucumbers. Put coconut oil on your elbows and heels.

AQUARIUS: Aquarius is an air sign that rules your ankles and circulatory system. To stoke the air element in you that needs to be creative, free, and unencumbered, do something that has no rules, no expected outcome, and do it simply for the experience. Start making something. Paint, draw, or doodle. During the day, disconnect from any excess noise. Stop playing the news in the background, put your phone away and create a calm and peaceful headspace. To support your ankles and circulatory system, make it a habit to do ankle pumping when you are relaxing. Simply flex and point your feet by laying down.

PISCES: Pisces is a water sign and rules the feet and lymphatic system. To support the water in you, start thinking about your vision for the year and what you need now that restrictions are lifting. Take the magazines around your house and set aside an afternoon to make a vision board. Use an app or go online to follow guided visualizations that can help you start to manifest the things you need and want in life. Your feet are ruled by your sign. As such, pamper your feet in multiple ways. Soak them in antibacterial apple cider. Spray them with a vodka and essential oil spray. Prop them up while you watch a fantasy or love story.


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