The “new normal” seems to be uncertainty in virtually every facet of our lives! We just heard about new mandates and changes to how we must operate. Whether you agree or disagree with the decisions being made by the authorities here locally, a few things are certain universally:
1. “DO I KNOW YOU?” We are finding out that the people we thought we knew well (both at work and at home) think completely differently than we do when it comes to Covid-19 and how to manage it, live with it or prevent it. Our differences have become more obvious over the course of this pandemic and is causing a lot of tension.
2. PANDEMIC PARANOIA! We have pretty much all developed “Pandemic Paranoia” in the sense that the smallest things set off the worst thoughts. How many times have you sneezed and immediately thought, “OMG. Is it Covid-19?” Or been in an elevator when someone else sneezed, and held your breath? LOL
3. “I AM AN EXPERT” We have become experts at seeing other’s faults and rigidity yet are blind to our own faults and narrow-mindedness. When we are fearful or upset about the actions of those close to us, we tend to talk in extremes. “You NEVER wash your hands long enough.” Or “You ALWAYS make bad decisions.” If you maximize the situation, others will minimize it. Or one will implode and the other will explode. The yin and the yang of life.
1. IN A TIME OF UNCERTAINTY (like now), FOCUS ON WHAT IS CERTAIN. Spending time envisioning the potential of a negative future is not only overwhelming, it only serves to create more anxiety anticipating an outcome that may never happen. To mitigate this, consciously direct your thoughts towards where things are solid. WHAT can you depend on? WHERE are you productive? What CAN you do? Where ARE things going smoothly?
2. BE OPEN TO CONTINUED REORGANIZATION: Assess your health, your finances, your mindset and what else is not working well, and do not judge the feelings that arise for you. There is change all around us. It makes sense that you will also evolve and shift during this time and need change. Allow yourself to discover new aspects of your needs that you never had the chance to know even existed before.
3. FIND IT WITHIN YOURSELF TO BE GENTLER WITH OTHERS: After months of all that you are dealing with, remember that others are going through their own inner chaos as well. Getting upset at others who don’t act and do as you would is really tiring. Navigating the ups and downs of in an era of prolonged uncertainty is hard work, so make it a point to be kind and considerate.
FINAL THOUGHTS: We will make it through all this with new skills, new insights, new connections and new strengths. Accept that there will be losses, and know that there will be gains from these loses as we all evolve into new awareness. The main thing is to trust, that no matter what, everything will unfold for you exactly the way it needs to, and that you have control of your perspective, your decisions and your actions along the way.
So instead of feeling like your money is draining away (one sided loss), you’ll see it as an even exchange of energy (mutual gain). This will inspire a sense of fulfillment and attract more wealth to you. This simple shift is subtle, but powerful. Remember, there’s two sides to every story, and there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

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