“THE BEST IS YET TO COME.” I’ve seen graphics that state a future that’s going to be better. It sounds so promising, but for me it begs the question, “What about today?” I know it’s meant to give one hope when they are going through hard times, but is the best ONLY something that happens in the future? A future that we keep chasing? Is it possible that you may one day look back on today and say, “Ah, those moments were the best of times?”

If you don’t stay present and appreciate what you have, you may already have missed some amazing things by the time you finally find “the best.” When you get that relationship, will you miss how peaceful it was to be alone? When your health improves, will you remember how wonderful it was to have the constant support of others? When you reach that financial goal, will you miss the simplicity of life before complexities set in? When you get that promotion or “make it” in your business, will you realize it wasn’t so bad when you had more time and less stress?

Even in the midst of all your challenges, try to see the “best” in the present, or you will continue to fantasize about the “best” in the future while living in constant discontent with what is—totally missing the point of life!


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