Aquarian energy abounds! And, Pluto is at the center of it all. Recently, Pluto changed signs, going from Capricorn to Aquarius. This has really stirred up the energy for so many. There’s a new vibe in the air, as we’ve entered a new era.

This is what you may notice, while you’re trying to catch up with the energy:

  1. A rapid unfolding of awareness of what’s not resonating – your job, relationship, beliefs, people and previous commitments. You may already know what it is you may not be able to sustain.
  2. A need to break free from old approaches – or a need to release yourself from stagnancy and self-imposed obligations.
  3. A keen recognition that certain things in your life are not viable anymore, yet it’s the very thing you least want to change. It’s complex and you’re not sure how you will get out of it.

If you’re feeling any of the above, know that everything will happen exactly as it needs to – actively or passively. Embrace where you are with grace, while being fully conscious that you may finally be ready to move through a process where you own your personal power in a a way that inspires your life.


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