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April Reflections:

April 2018 is when my 6-month Scholarship to Happiness U officially began my journey to Personal Growth & Success.
I enjoyed the classes I attended in April. I choose them by my work schedule & Intuition. It has been wonderful meeting my peers at the University. I learn from everyone. The Educators /Facilitators are amazing.

I’m so inspired by my moments spent at Happiness U. I have learned vital & important information as well as valuable tools to help me be my most authentic self while continuing to learn & grow in life. I believe that through consistent dedication & commitment I will be able to become a better version of myself. While reaching my next level of Excellence.  I’m looking forward to the next 5 Months. Im so grateful for this amazing opportunity. Mahalo to Everyone BTS for ALL their hard work & passion Dedication.  Here’s to Happiness. April was the perfect time yo Spring Forward into my Divine Potential.

Signing Out,



May Reflections:

May was a great Month as I was able to attend many in person classes. I always enjoy seeing my cohorts & everyone associated with Happiness U.

I learned something significant from each class & speaker that I can use in my daily life. Some favorite classes in May were:[ I-Ching Oracle, Physiognomy, Work Life Balance, Birth Chart Readings & Punch & Brunch! ]
So Cool.

I learned Valuable information about my personality & passions this month (Positive & Negative) through ALL the classes that I took.

I realized that I do Procrastinate & need to be more accountable for my FB & Online Courses. What’s the Block…!?*
I’m sure they’ll also help I just need to work on my dedication /Focus!!! That I CAN do.   I’m committed to scheduling time for that through June & Upcoming months.

The themes for May to me  were ALL about Passion , Purpose, Intuition, Mindset  Personality & Insight.

I received a clearer vision of my Purpose in Life. I also realize stepping out into dreams can be scary too, just as it is exciting.  I guess that’s where hard work & passion come in. I also Believe that through my next four months I will get an even better grasp at how to continue Overcoming my ‘challenges’ & Blocks.

I know that I have a great team of support through Happiness U & my Cohorts to do what I need to do to stay on track!! (Motivated).

I’m definitely looking forward to where this journey takes me.


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