To help people find answers to their life’s challenges in order to experience more peace, joy, freedom and love in their lives.



About Founder Alice Inoue:

As a nationally award-winning author and life expert, Alice Inoue has dedicated her life to helping others find answers to life’s challenges. As Hawaii’s thought leader and celebrated expert, hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals have found clarity over the past 20+ years through her work. Her unique brand of life wisdom is featured in her eight books on self-growth and happiness, as well as in her long-running column in MidWeek, Hawaii’s largest publication.


Alice Inoue – Founder & Chief Happiness Officer

Teachers – Dr. Chad Sato, Dalybeth Reasoner, Max Gin, Janis Goto, Lani Kwon, Holly Harding, Scoop Slyman, Dr. Jinan Banna, Jonathan Sugai


Headquarters:  560 N. Nimitz Hwy, Suite 220 | Honolulu, Hawaiʻi 96817


808.436.8234 | smile@YourHappinessU.com

Classes for Personal Growth:

Classes and events cover the spectrum of personal growth that impacts all facets of life. Offerings include reverse-aging, mindfulness, life purpose, health and wellness, stress reduction, happiness, and more. Memberships are available at happinessuhui.com.

Happiness U also offers dozens of on-demand online classes with topics ranging from reduction of overwhelm and irritating relationships, to decluttering and feng shui.

Programs for Organizations:

Our strategies increase productivity, teamwork, and engagement while reducing negativity, drama, and stress. Positive mindset training is designed to help attendees find more ease in their lives by a shift of perspective.


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