Our mission is to teach that which was not taught in a traditional classroom about how to live a heart-centered life.

At Happiness U, we believe that happiness is not just a perfect image you have in your head or a future destination. It’s a deep sense of satisfaction and well being that you are able to cultivate and experience no matter where you are in your life right now.

Happiness is a state of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing and balance.

We believe that to experience a deep sense of satisfaction and balance, you must cultivate happiness from the inside out and that happiness evolves from truly understanding life, why you are here, and what life has to show you.

When you can understand that the Universe is working with you to help you evolve and grow, your perspective on life can change.  By embracing a bigger picture perspective, you can feel more satisfied, centered and poised, all of which are important components to happiness.

We believe that happiness emerges once you stop expecting life to be something it is not, and accept it for what it is.  If you desire emotional stability and would like to thrive and not just survive, understanding and cultivating happiness is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Life is a journey where true happiness can be a constant companion.  All you need to do is put forth conscious effort to change your old patterns. Your perception of the world may be that happiness is out of your control when, in fact, it is completely within your control no matter what your circumstances.

Happiness U is based on universal principles of life and embraces a mind-body-spirit focus. Our purpose is to provide useful insights and support in the form of classes, events and gatherings. Our offerings are designed to appeal to both those who are already doing great and just want a little positive support, as well as to those who are going through challenges and want to learn how to see things from a different perspective.

Our mission is to teach that which was not taught in a traditional classroom about how to live a heart-centered life.

Everything offered at Happiness U is designed to give you the tools to live life in a way that is authentic and true for you, resulting in a more positive and ease-filled approach to life.

We commit to inspire, guide and empower all members with information that will bring forth a more positive outlook and lead to a happier experience of life.

Our focus is on the evolution and development of mind, body, heart and spirit, and as such, we provide members with all the tools they need to live consciously, joyously and highly empowered.

Our goal is to be the catalyst for a happier Honolulu and start a movement towards a happier Hawaii.

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