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July Reflections:

All and all, I have really been enjoying these classes and discussions. I have had a few struggles the last month and time conflicts, but I am excited to take more online courses while I can, as well as the classes in person. Alice is a wonderful source of energy and information. I love learning how to create more happiness and overall peace in life. I love learning how to understand this life a bit more everyday. It is so great that all of the in person classes are available on Facebook, because it gives the opportunity to see them even if I cant make the class. Although, I know that it is much different and more effective when you can participate in person.

Thank you so much for everything you all do! I am so happy this program is available for me and everyone else it is benefiting!


August Reflections:

This month I went to “The Astrological Heat of the Summer Invites you to Slow Down.” Although I didn’t have a personalized Natal Chart, it was super helpful to understand the meaning of “planets being in retrograde.” I was able to look at my own life and really think about the different ways that each planet slowing down, is having an effect in my life and telling me to reevaluate those aspects of my life. I’ve been learning a lot lately about the importance of slowing down, so that you can listen, learn, and understand the best ways to move forward, especially once life starts moving fast again; you want to make sure you are moving on the right path, with the right tools and mindset.

I also attended “understanding Divination and the Mystical.” This class was really interesting. I loved hearing about Alice’s experiences with Channeling. I also really appreciated her perspective that so many mystical practices are open for anybody to learn, it is just a matter of believing and practicing the art. As more people are becoming open to Metaphysics and Holistic Healing, it is exciting to me that more people will be open minded to these practices. It inspires me to continue to practice my gifts and continue to study and understand the different available mystical practices and ways of healing and connecting with the Universe, Spirits, and ourselves. I also really resonated with Alice as she spoke about her own questioning of people’s psychic and mystical practices; with the idea that we all have to understand the things people tell us with a grain of salt, while ultimately being the masters of our own ship.

This month I watched the “Finding Your Life’s Purpose” workshop on the Facebook page. I thoroughly enjoyed getting a new perspective on discovering your life’s purpose. It was really helpful how Alice explained how our Purpose can be small and unique to us; how it can be multi-dimensional and changing. I like how she had us ask a bunch of different questions to ourselves to begin to discover how we may already be living our Life’s Purpose as well as where we might want to explore more opportunities to discover and become more aligned with our purpose. I loved loved loved how she said at the end to “Stop searching and asking ourselves what we are supposed to be doing.” I feel like we often get so lost and frustrated when we consistently question ourselves and convince ourselves that we are not doing what we are supposed to. It is difficult sometimes because we do often base our purpose on what others have told us to do, or even what we may have told ourselves at some point in our life, not remembering that we change throughout life. But if we are constantly searching we are actually forcing an agenda, we are not allowing ourselves to be open to the Universe and listening to the signs and opportunities that are be given to us, and we will keep searching and never finding. I am now trying to see how and where I am already in my life’s purpose and how I can improve the many dimensions of this purpose! Yay!

I also watched “Busting Loose from the Money Game” workshop on Facebook. This was a marvelous class. I enjoyed being reminded to always express appreciation for everything including bills, taxes, the opportunity to contribute and support yourself, to support the world. I liked the idea of changing the energy of what you are paying for. “What you appreciate, appreciates.” I had never thought about how Tarah said your imagination is limited because it is your human mind, so when you let it go, unimaginable things happen. This is such a fantastic way of looking at our limitless self and infinite possibilities. The process she taught to reclaim our power over our creations and illusions was great! I am going to try this right away. I am really beginning to understand how we give our power away and how we create things we want and don’t want in our lives, so we have to practice changing our perspective, letting go to allow our Higher Self to guide, and reclaiming our power.

This month online I took “Avoid Distractions 101.” What a great weight lifted off of my shoulders to break down my to do list. I was able to see what were the things I want to do, should do, and not worry about. Then from there I was able to write down what I would get out of accomplishing the “should” task as well as what I will happen if I don’t. This brought some awesome perspective as well as some reality to the things I should be doing. It gave me more of a sense of wanting to do these things because I can actually see the benefit. It also took the worry out of my head and onto the paper. Somehow it made my to do list seem a bit less overwhelming and more realistic. The idea of closing the day affirming our accomplishments and appreciating our productivity is wonderful. I do catch myself always feeling under accomplished and then feeling the drag the next day of having to do the millions of things that are actually impossible to all accomplish in the timeline that I have set up anyway. Also, I love the idea of changing your perspective to see that we are always doing the things that we want to do, so we are still being productive to where our life is guiding us, even if our mind may be telling us something different.

I also took “Boost your Self Esteem 101” This class helped me to think about my strengths and weaknesses and learn to appreciate who I am. It reminded me to try and not compare myself to others because in reality we have no idea how anyone else’s life truly is. It helped me to remember that I need to make myself a priority, see my worth, and that I need to take action on the things I want out of this life. I really liked the idea about looking at the things that we may not like about ourselves from a different perspective to try and discover what we can learn from these things. I love to appreciate my quirks and see how they help to create the person I am and the vibration I bring to this world. It is so important to keep control over the reality that we create for ourselves starting from our mind.

And finally, I took the “Feng Shui 101” class online. I loved this class. I realized that unknowingly I already use a lot of Feng Shui concepts in my life. I have noticed that I love to remove clutter from my life, my room, my house. I grew up with a family that is always saving and hoarding things that we “might need” or that have “sentimental value.” I notice all of the energy associated with objects that I have. I love the idea of keeping only things around you that you love; especially since I am moving and this is a perfect time to get rid of things. I will definitely be using this way of thinking as I go through my things and decided what to keep and what to give away. What we hang on our wall is something that I have payed attention to, but not to the point of thinking how it may be channeling our energy to possibly feel less productive, or lonely, stressed, etc. Thinking about Feng Shui as more of a way of life of balance and tuning into the energies around you. I would love to learn more about this topic!

Overall, I had a wonderful and super insightful month of August with Happiness U. It’s been a real pleasure getting to know Alice more and listen to all of the amazing experiences she has had and fascinating perspective she puts on life and discovering happiness. The guest speakers are great! I’ve also had such a fun time getting to know the fellow members. This community is inspiring and uplifting and I look forward to meeting more people and taking more classes!

As always, Thank you so much for this program and everything you are all doing!


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