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Whether your workplace is a statewide corporation or a mission-driven nonprofit in Honolulu, Hawaii’s organizations affiliated with Happiness U are thriving. Our proven strategies increase productivity, teamwork and engagement while reducing negativity, drama and stress. We’ve partnered with the business sector, nonprofits, state and other government agencies and are a trusted advisor and coach to executive leadership. Positive mindset training is designed to help attendees find more ease in their lives,  experience more joy in their day-to-day work and embrace change. We help your workforce to see a more positive reality of challenges, find balance and control feelings of being overwhelmed. Learn more about creating wellness in the workplace and our work to strengthen organizations.

In addition, Pacific Business News has teamed up with Happiness U to present a dynamic series of classes for employees throughout the year. Contact us at to learn more.

Happiness Notes

Gallup studies show that businesses with higher employee happiness and satisfaction also have:


Higher Customer Ratings


Lower Turnover


Higher Productivity


Higher Profitability

Happier workers work harder and contribute high morale, greater productivity, less stress, less turnover, higher accountability, better performance, improved attitudes, lower absenteeism and less procrastination.


A ten-class series (60 minutes each). The goal of this training is to help attendees see a more positive reality of the challenging situations they currently face, help them to find balance, reduce stress and quiet the distracting “chatter” in their brains that leads to unnecessary drama and overwhelm.

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A half day or full day workshop taught by Alice Inoue or other Happiness U teachers

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A customized learning retreat at Happiness U. Happiness U can host up to twenty of your clients, staff or team for a private inspirational learning session from one of our expert teachers. Choose from a theme from our twenty core “101” classes.

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If you are looking for an inspirational presentation for your upcoming company or client event, hire Alice for a 45, 60 or 75 minute presentation or keynote address at the location of your corporate event.

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