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Whether your workplace is a statewide corporation, government agency, or a mission-driven nonprofit, Hawaii’s organizations affiliated with Happiness U have access to a much-needed resource for life as it’s unfolding today.

Positive mindset training gives attendees tools for opening up their perspectives so they know how to take greater responsibility for their experience. Our topics include strategies that help to increase productivity, teamwork, and engagement while reducing negativity, drama, and stress.

Learn more about creating wellness in the workplace and see how our work can strengthen your group or organization. For questions, availability, or fees contact Erin at erin@yourhappinessu.com.

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An Innovative Employee Benefit for Your Organization
Your organization can have an “Alice in Your Pocket” experience 24-7.
Debut: July 2021

The pandemic has been one of the biggest disruptors to the way we work and live. With increased demands in our personal and professional lives, stress, anxiety, overwhelm and burnout is at an all-time high. This is negatively impacting the energy levels and engagement of employees, and slowly siphoning away productivity. As human beings, the need for direction and guidance has never been more necessary, or more sought after. Yet, where does one go to get what they need?

This app was created to be a full-spectrum resource to address the needs of individuals looking for grounded, inspiring and helpful support as we all continue to navigate the challenges of this next normal. The Work Inspired App includes over 1,000 articles, dozens of videos and 30+ longer-format classes with new content added on a very regular basis. Anchor segments include, “Book of the Month,” “Thought Leader of the Month” and “Topic of the Week.”

The user is prompted upon opening the app with the question, “WHAT DO YOU NEED RIGHT NOW?” and they have the option to choose one of the eight categories that lead them to articles and videos to address their needs.

POSITIVITY & INSPIRATION Surrounded by negative people or situations? Are your thoughts taking you down? Find ways to lift yourself up.

LESS STRESS, MORE SUCCESS If you’re not reaching your goals, and are feeling overwhelmed, worried or filled with undesirable tension, find relief and solutions here.

BETTER COMMUNICATION Life and people revolve around communication. Here you’ll find tips, advice and examples of how to communicate in ways that foster connection.

AN ESCAPE Is it time to take a break and get away? Enjoy meditations, guided visualizations, breathing journeys, and transport your inner reality.

A NEW PERSPECTIVE Seeing things in a new way can make all the difference. Explore new ways to look at life and people that you live and work with.

LIFESTYLE & WELL-BEING For motivation to get organized, clear clutter, increase self-care, feel better, get healthier, find insight and information here.

A DISTRACTION Do you need something completely not related to what you are doing now to distract you? Find a curated collection of laugh-worthy distractions.

I DON’T KNOW If you know you need “something” but not sure what, get what you didn’t know you needed here.

To schedule a showing and/or to receive a free trial of the app, please contact Erin at erin@yourhappinessu.com.


Our most popular and relevant offerings are below, though upon request, we can offer dozens of topics more to choose from. Most of our topics can be delivered in 30-minute, 45-minute, 60-minute, 75-minute, and 90-minute formats. The longer sessions include breakout rooms and small group discussions for greater integration and engagement. Two or more topics can be combined for longer sessions or full-day training.

Life is continually changing, and recently, in ways we are not able to anticipate. Join Alice Inoue of Happiness U, as she talks about both change that is in our control, as well as change that is out of our control. You will learn to cultivate the thoughts that foster adaptability and resilience and leave with tools and a new mindset that will support you no matter what you are going through.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The four stages of change and why uncertainty is so hard
  • How to be successful in creating the change you want
  • Proven strategies to remain calm when change is out of your control
  • The mindset and habits necessary for adaptability and resilience

Stress is the inability to adapt to a changing environment, and now more than ever before, the environment is changing rapidly. The future is more uncertain than ever, and worry can easily take over our minds. Join Alice Inoue of Happiness U, as she takes you step by step through finding new perspectives that help you stay calm, centered, productive, and more at ease, even as the world swirls in uncertainty.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to reduce your stress even if uncertainty abounds
  • The power of training your mind to stay present
  • Proven strategies to take away overwhelm and worry immediately
  • How to take chaos and challenge and turn it into order

No matter what is going on around us, it’s what’s going on inside our heads that determines our day-to-day experience. How does one think “positively” in this time of uncertainty? Join Alice Inoue of Happiness U, as she guides you strategy by strategy to move through this time with certainty, positivity, and productivity.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to optimize the four sources of internal energy that you draw from
  • Techniques to elicit a deep sense of calm necessary for clear thinking
  • A proven way to mitigate daily emotional triggers
  • Strategies to dissipate worry and stress

Apply proven strategies that generate a positive perspective for greater productivity and ease. The results: change the reality of any given challenge, rewire your brain to spot opportunity, and increase success.

Understand negativity’s source in order to increase positivity at work and life. Get ready to harness negativity as a force for change.

Find the root cause of irritations to increase team morale and productivity. Resolve co-worker annoyances and how to stay productive with techniques that shift negative energy to positive and productive workflow.

80% of us check our smartphone before we even get out of bed in the morning.  Multi-tasking mayhem has taken our time.  Reclaim your focus in the office and prioritize the day’s demands with mind mastery.

As a human polygraph, get ready to improve outcomes with clients, patients, colleagues, and customers. Turn evasion into conversations of truth.

During this time of accelerated change, it may feel impossible not to worry and stress. Practicing mindfulness can mean the difference between a day of anxiety and stress-filled thoughts, and a day of feeling in control no matter what chaotic situation you are in. In this class, Alice Inoue of Happiness U, will cover the basics of mindfulness, and offer techniques to naturally incorporate mindfulness into your day. It’s possible to infuse positive energy into your mind and into your life with simple awareness.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • What mindfulness is, and how it can help you in every area of life
  • Techniques to train your mind to focus and get distracted less
  • Multiple mindfulness meditations to incorporate into your life
  • Specific ways to integrate mindfulness that takes no time out of your day

Create Your Personal Rejuvenation and Resiliency Plan
It’s not too late to inoculate yourself against current and future burnout by pro-actively integrating regenerative practices. If you wonder whether or not you are burning out, this class will offer clarity as well as the key to rejuvenation by showing you how to make tangible shifts to your mindset and lifestyle.

In this session you will learn:

  • The science, symptoms and signs behind burnout
  • The difference between burnout, stress, overwhelm and depression
  • The 3 dimensions of burnout
  • The 5 stages of burnout
  • How to regenerate your mindset, lifestyle and ultimately your spirit

Exchange work-life balance for work-life effectiveness
Our relationship to all aspects of our lives has changed. How we interact with our work, our home, our community, and ourselves have been so profoundly impacted that we can no longer use our old habits of operation to be effective. Our paradigm of life has changed so much that we need a fresh new perspective and plan to make our lives work for us versus against us. This class will help turn energy drain into gain if you’ve hit the Pandemic Wall, are feeling any Pandemic grief or are experiencing a lack of motivation or productivity.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Exactly why you’re so tired, drained and distracted
  • How to value, balance and protect your personal energy
  • That even though time is limited, your ability to be effective at work is not
  • Multiple solutions and methods to lock in productivity and set new rules of operation

Minimize the challenge of stress, reduce feelings of being overwhelmed, develop positive new habits, and turn anxiety and worry into a performance. These techniques shift negative energy towards balance and productivity.

What if success was as easy as tilting your head? Read emotions of the people around you to give you a business advantage. This crash course in body language fluency teaches how to master nonverbal communication.

Operate at your best physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually by optimizing the four sources of energy you utilize daily.  Get more done in less time at a higher level of quality and in a more sustainable way.

Create space for success, affluence, and creativity. Learn why clutter culmination in your physical and digital space is clogging your potential for success. Ignite a Clutter Buster Campaign that everyone will want to be a part of.

When there is something we don’t want to do, but have to, we tend to defer it. Procrastination has this way of making us feel guilty and overwhelmed. This class covers why we procrastinate and offers simple, yet effective and proven ways to beat this drag, and get it done.

We all have a multitude of things to remember, projects to start, people to call, places to go, commitments we’ve made and more. Too many untended things in our head negatively impact our short term memory and we lose efficiency. When our minds are disorganized, the thoughts, ideas, stressors and unfinished business floating around makes thinking clearly and making decisions harder. This class is a hands-on workshop, where attendees are guided through a process that helps to clear the mind and organize thoughts for immense internal relief, setting everyone up for optimal productivity.

Become a “time wizard” and transform time scarcity into time abundance
When we are time-stressed, we feel pulled in a gazillion directions.  Many of us go through our days scattered, distracted, overwhelmed, and frustrated having “not enough time” to do everything we want to do.  If this is you, it’s time to change your relationship with time.  This presentation will help you move towards time expansion, and opt out of the negativity around time scarcity.  Feeling constantly pressured by time actually makes you less efficient and contributes to health breakdowns in the process.
After this presentation, you will be inspired to stop sacrificing your well-being and learn:
  • How to shift your perception of time so that it naturally expands.
  • How to opt out of a constantly overwhelmed mindset about time.
  • How to confidently reject the cultural norms of hyperconnectivity and take control.
  • How to recognize your limiting beliefs and negative self-talk and upgrade your mindset.
  • How to make time work for you so well that it’s inevitable you become your most productive self.


Fun | Engaging | Effective

Master Your Superpowers characters

Training based on Alice Inoue’s innovative assessment and award-winning book Master Your Superpowers has been incredibly well-received by thousands of people in organizations around the state. Through this program, all attendees gain new awareness in understanding themselves and others through superhero archetypes. Simple, insightful, and eye-opening, this is a “must” if you want to infuse some positivity, laughter, and fun into your workforce.

Do only Level 1 or take your organization through all four levels!
(All individuals take the 10-minute online assessment prior to the first class.)

 Level 1 (75-90 minutes):
Understand: Get to Know Your Superpowers   

Level 2 (75-90 minutes):
Communicate: Appreciate and Get Along with Others Better

Level 3 (60-75 minutes):
Improve: Take Everything You learned to the Next Level  

Level 4 (60-75 minutes):
Excel: Superhero Mindset Powers for Ultimate Success

If you are interested in knowing more about this particular offering for your organization, take the assessment at MasterYourSuperpowers.com and email Erin at Erin@YourHappinessU.com with your results. We will send you the upgraded report.



If you prefer shorter more frequent inspirational sessions for your team, we have a program with over 30 topics to choose from. These mini-session topics can be chosen by participants or the employer and delivered virtually by Alice at the same time each week for a month. Popular topics have been, Reducing Stress, Dealing with Irritating People, How to Avoid Burnout, Overcoming Procrastination, Dealing with Negativity, Work-Life Balance, How to be More Positive and Minimize Mental Fatigue.

Happiness Notes

Gallup studies show that businesses with higher employee happiness and satisfaction also have:


Higher Customer Ratings


Lower Turnover


Higher Productivity


Higher Profitability

Happier workers work harder and contribute high morale, greater productivity, less stress, less turnover, higher accountability, better performance, improved attitudes, lower absenteeism and less procrastination.


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