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Whether your workplace is a statewide corporation or a mission-driven nonprofit in Honolulu, Hawaii’s organizations affiliated with Happiness U are thriving. Our proven strategies increase productivity, teamwork and engagement while reducing negativity, drama and stress. We’ve partnered with the business sector, nonprofits, state and other government agencies and are a trusted advisor and coach to executive leadership. Positive mindset training is designed to help attendees find more ease in their lives,  experience more joy in their day-to-day work and embrace change. We help your workforce to see a more positive reality of challenges, find balance and control feelings of being overwhelmed. Learn more about creating wellness in the workplace and our work to strengthen organizations.

In addition, Pacific Business News has teamed up with Happiness U to present a dynamic series of classes for employees throughout the year. Contact us at to learn more.


We build custom programs designed to address your specific needs. Some of our most popular offerings include a training series, seminars that can include a broad spectrum of workshops with a dynamic collective of teachers who energize and empower, uplifting retreats at our lifestyle studio or at any location statewide, and inspirational presentations to groups of all sizes.

Thrive with a Positive Mindset

Apply proven strategies that generate a positive perspective for greater productivity and ease. The results: change the reality of any given challenge, rewire your brain to spot opportunity, and increase success.

Reducing Negativity at Work

Understand negativity’s source in order to increase positivity at work and life. Get ready to harness negativity as a force for change.

Reduce Irritation in the Workplace

Find the root cause of irritations to increase team morale and productivity. Resolve co-worker annoyances and how to stay productive with techniques that shift negative energy to positive and productive workflow.

Taking Action Against Distraction

80% of us check our smartphone before we even get out of bed in the morning.  Multi-tasking mayhem has taken our time.  Reclaim your focus in the office and prioritize the day’s demands with mind mastery.

Empowering Truth & Trust in the Workplace

As a human polygraph, get ready to improve outcomes with clients, patients, colleagues, and customers.  Turn evasion into conversations of truth.

Stress Less at the Office

Minimize the challenge of stress, reduce feelings of being overwhelmed, develop positive new habits, and turn anxiety and worry into a performance. These techniques shift negative energy towards balance and productivity.

Power Body Language for Business

What if success was as easy as tilting your head? Read emotions of the people around you to give you a business advantage. This crash course in body language fluency teaches how to master nonverbal communication.

Increase your Energy for Greater Productivity

Operate at your best physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually by optimizing the four sources of energy you utilize daily.  Get more done in less time at a higher level of quality and in a more sustainable way.

Clear the Clutter

Create space for success, affluence, and creativity. Learn why clutter culmination in your physical and digital space is clogging your potential for success. Ignite a Clutter Buster Campaign that everyone will want to be a part of.

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Happiness Notes

Gallup studies show that businesses with higher employee happiness and satisfaction also have:


Higher Customer Ratings


Lower Turnover


Higher Productivity


Higher Profitability

Happier workers work harder and contribute high morale, greater productivity, less stress, less turnover, higher accountability, better performance, improved attitudes, lower absenteeism and less procrastination.


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