September Reflections:

I am deeply grateful for this scholarship and the opportunity to be part of a warm and welcoming community. My experience has been both mentally and emotionally rewarding with a positive effect on my overall well being.

This months classes expanded my understanding of astrology and archetypes. I discovered through challenging who I am and getting out of my comfort zone I can create a shift in the feelings of being “stuck. I learned that the money I have is a direct reflection of my values and the myths I have allowed to govern my ability to build wealth.

I have suffered from neck stiffness, pain and knotted shoulders. After taking part in the Kinesio Taping class I scheduled a Shiatsu appointment and learned about how trauma both physical and emotional can cause chronic pain and overall physical discomfort. I am working with the facilitator of the Kinesio Taping to relieve the physical pain I have been living with for many years.

It is wonderful to be in a community of people who are exploring the same life questions that I am and I look forward to the months ahead.


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