September Reflections:

I am deeply grateful for this scholarship and the opportunity to be part of a warm and welcoming community. My experience has been both mentally and emotionally rewarding with a positive effect on my overall well being.

This months classes expanded my understanding of astrology and archetypes. I discovered through challenging who I am and getting out of my comfort zone I can create a shift in the feelings of being “stuck. I learned that the money I have is a direct reflection of my values and the myths I have allowed to govern my ability to build wealth.

I have suffered from neck stiffness, pain and knotted shoulders. After taking part in the Kinesio Taping class I scheduled a Shiatsu appointment and learned about how trauma both physical and emotional can cause chronic pain and overall physical discomfort. I am working with the facilitator of the Kinesio Taping to relieve the physical pain I have been living with for many years.

It is wonderful to be in a community of people who are exploring the same life questions that I am and I look forward to the months ahead.

October Reflections:

My favorite class this month, The Life planning Workshop it was extremely rewarding. The Life Book template is a valuable life long tool that I’m really grateful to have and to share. It has helped me to develop my new found sense of clarity.

Pre- Paving was a really intriguing class for me also. I used the technique to pre pave my experience of taking an exam to become a licensed insurance agent and the exam went exactly as I have pre- paved. I also sent the process to my daughter and she is using it to pre-pave the experience that she wants to have with opening her day care business.

As I tool for preparing in a positive for for difficult experiences is extremely helpful. I feel empowered by the knowledge that I can use this tool at any time for any situation that I may be feeling anxious about.

November Reflections: 

First and foremost I want to let the staff at HappinessU know how deeply grateful I am for each of you. The way you use your own unique way of cultivating the space that is HappinessU I feel welcome, comfortable and intentionally cared for. Mahalo

This month I was able to better integrate my purpose for wanting to attend HappinessU into how I showed up for others. Below are the three areas I stated I wanted to address and hoped to gain insight as a result of attending HappinessU.

1. Gain Tools:

Being a student at HappinessU will provide exposure to new concepts and tools and also allow for practical application.

I mentioned using Pre-Paving as a tool for preparing for the exam I was studying for last month. This month I can report that I crushed that test and have been using prepaving as a tool for beginning this new career path. It has helped tremendously with helping me to move into action with more confidence.

2. Gain Clarity:

I think that by exploring this question from the framing of the classes at HappinessU will I will gain more clarity and self-awareness.

This month I was able to own and write a purpose, mission and vision statement that really resonates with me and is the foundation of my 2020 planning.


I declare my primary purpose in life is to support, guide and educate in such a way that I have a global impact using my unique communication style of writing, speaking and presenting and holding space.

I deliver a message that reveals and creates an awareness of life as pure possibility. It is through this possibility we access plenteousness and dominion of mind.

Everyday I share my talents, skills and knowledge to engage, nurture and improve life.


Is to partner with New York Life in such a way that I help entrepreneurs and progressive individuals access tools, education, and reliable professional service, so they can meet and exceed their financial goals and experience financial security within their lifetime, and secures their loved ones future.


My presence on the planet and my commitment to serving and holding safe, intentional space for accountability, growth and celebration is delivered through my brand of service, that impacts and inspires worldwide. I fulfill this vision through InstigateHer™.

3. Gain Understanding:

There is the question of WHY that I have been exploring but have yet to feel I have fully answered. That deeper more resonant answer for the reason I show up as I do, the reason for my actions or lack of actions. I believe that if I was able to answer the question of why I will discover my path.

Through the clarity of my purpose, mission and vision I am in full awareness of my WHY and see how succinctly my past has aligned for me to be exactly who I am today and how this way of being is specific and unique to and results in my ability to I show up and take a stand for others, take up space in the world and lead based on love that is present at all times.


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