September Reflections:

I had a really amazing transition out of my old job thanks to Happiness U and the classes I took. I feel I’ve gained a lot from the lessons I’ve learned and have already applied them to my everyday life and even started teaching others about them too! Can’t wait to learn more!

October Reflections:

I am so grateful for this opportunity and have learned so much from being able to participate. The two classes I attended in person were particularly resonating with me and I have not only been trying to apply the skills I learned from the classes in my everyday life, but I find myself enthusiastically telling my friends and family what I’ve learned as well!

November Reflections: 

It has been a busy but very positive month! I love coming to Happiness U and am so excited to keep attending classes! Thank you so much for offering this scholarship.

December Reflections: 

December was a busy month, as expected, but I felt more grounded and top of things more than I’ve been in past years. I think that can be attributed to Happiness U. 🙂 The way that Alice teaches and the content she shares resonates with me very well, and she’s shifted even the deepest levels of perception for me in a positive way. I look forward to keep growing and humbling myself, I really appreciate the opportunity to continue partaking in the joy of Happiness U!

January Reflections: 

January felt very long and short at the same time. I feel like the routine of going to Happiness U has really grounded me overall and made me happier – so grateful for this opportunity ! Thank you 🙂

February Reflections: 

Every month seems to get better in terms of my mindset. I’m really enjoying the classes and workshops at Happiness U, I feel stronger, wiser (hehe), calmer, and happier than I was when I started! Thank you so much to everyone who has allowed this to happen 🙂

March + April Reflections: 

I’ve had a stressful March and April, got into a bad accident last month where my dad’s car got totaled, the very obvious COVID-19 quarantine, and scrambling to pivot at both of my jobs to accommodate the new reality. I had fallen off the regularity and grounding of Happiness U, and I sincerely apologize for that.

Coming back to Happiness U, although virtually, has brought me back down to a more peaceful and happy place 🙂 Thank you for working so hard to provide us with relief, reassurance, and hope that everything will be okay, and that we are okay. Many, many, many blessings and hugs to you all, Alice, Kristin, and Erin for offering this opportunity for us to become happier people. Thank you so much.

May Reflections: 

I was very excited to take the Meditation and Affirmations class because I remembered Lily talking about the conversation room in class before. I was looking forward to talking to my dad, although I was quite nervous. I unfortunately was so caught up in the nerves that I was not as present as I’d like to be in the meditation, and didn’t see my dad in the conversation room. I felt dejected, but stayed optimistic as sometimes things don’t go as planned but there are still seeds planted in the process. I slept that night and amazingly dreamt of the conversation room, and my dad was there. It still brings me to tears to think of this. I am so grateful for this tool I now have in my back pocket, to be able to go into my private sanctuary and talk to not only my dad, but also my younger self. I can also heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually in another room, and even receive a gift in another! Thank you for all that you provide for us, I really appreciate all of you! Hope you are safe, well, healthy, and happy.


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